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Role of manager in agency funds

Assets are available in thefund under agency relationship for some other organization. In thecase of governmental accounting, agency funds may consist of resources that are owned by agovernmental unit. The accounting manager would be in charge of taking the decision of paying or declaring a dividend. Agency funds homework help will give you knowledge of how an accounting manager works in such situation.

The manager would offer guidance to top management in case of taking adecision about dividend amount that needs to be paid to shareholders. In aneconomicperspective, the amount can be decided depending on the profitable aspect of thecompany.

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Accounting principles for agency funds

The assets of an agency fund group would include temporary investments, cash and other amounts that are due from fund groups. The agency funds assignment help will deliver knowledge about the different aspects of thefund.

The balance related to this fund will be considered as aliability on Statement of Net Assets. Receipts and disbursements would be taken as the addition and deduction from fund balances.

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