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What are the advantages and limitations related to variable costing?
Variable costing has some advantages and limitations. Company accountants always use variable costing by knowing the exact concept in their mind. Some advantages are very much beneficial to prepare an income statement. It is easier to understand the effect of the cost of unit products with the help of variable cost. Cost Volume Profit analysis can easily be done with the help of variable costing. It is also very much effective in preparing perfect cash flows and detecting issues if there is be any. It is also very easy to understand the various controlling methods with the help of a variable costing.

Our team experts also explain its limitations. It is unable to assign fixed cost to unit product. GAAP does not get confirmed by financial statements of variable costing. Various countries desire to have absorption costing for tax law. Most of the time for higher dealing or costing absorption costing is considered as the best one. Our Advantages and limitations of Variable Costing Assignment Help team experts explain that all solutions are very important for students.

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