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Accounts or Cost Accounting is one of the most popular subjects in the recent era. Students often choose this subject as it has great career opportunities or scopes. If you too are pursuing an academic career in this field, it will be quite beneficial for you, provided you score well in your exams.

However, with the pressure of exams and with the burden of preparing yourself, it is quite difficult for students to complete the projects or assignments on time. And when it is something as difficult as the dual-rate method, it is important that you hire the professionals like us to get our advantages and disadvantages of dual-rate method homework help services.

Definition of dual rate method:

When you are doing an assignment or homework on dual rate method, it is important that you understand about this method at first. Knowing its definition and starting your project with its definition will always be scoring for you.

In dual rate method, there are two costs that are used to categorize the departments. These include –

  • Fixed cost
  • Variable Cost.

For each cost pool, a different cost rate is allocated. The fixed cost stays constant, and variable cost differs in different departments. In our advantages and disadvantages of dual-rate method assignment help services, we discuss these factors in details and with examples.

Advantages of dual rate method:

While doing advantages and disadvantages of dual-rate method homework help services, you need to understand its advantages.

  1. Dual Rate Method helps you to know the cost of each department has incurred.
  2. It helps you to know the importance of each department as different rates of all the departments can be determined.

At we discuss these in details.

Disadvantages of dual rate method:

All the assignments regarding dual rate method will require you to mention the disadvantages of dual rate method. Hence, we are mentioning just a few here.

  1. As variable costs differ in all the departments, you might lose sight of the overall costs you are incurring.
  2. Sometimes percentages that each department is contributing to the product can be misleading.

At our company, we help students to score well through our advantages and disadvantages of dual-rate method assignment help services. The manuals are self-explanatory, and along with that, we also provide them with test series and live-chat opportunities.

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