Advanced Macroeconomics I Assignment Help

Advanced Macroeconomics I Assignment Help

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What is the concept of Advanced Macroeconomics?

The economy is concerned with the well-being of all the countries. These include all the jobs, as well as those high and low incomes of the people surrounding in the whole economy of the country. Economy helps in the acknowledgment of the production of goods and services and to create matters which helps to deal with environmental problems.

It tends to pose questions on major economical matter surrounding the basic concepts of any country. For example that how much the economy needs to spend on their expenses or how they should be charged according to their income and expense? There are basically two core concepts of economics called the micro and macro concepts.

Since economics covers a lot of grounds, there is two subject matter into which it is divided. The micro economy was an old concept which used to deal in the earlier period. It describes the individual agents surrounding the whole economy. Macroeconomy deals with the whole subject matter dealing in the countries. It helps to find out major issues like growth or deflation the economy and etc.

Both of these perspectives are useful and important in their own sphere of management. While the micro economy helps the people to understand the individual prospects of any country, macroeconomy is just the difference. If there is one person who is set to understand the root of the problem, another person is assigned to deal with the causes of the problem.

What is the specific area of research in Advanced Macroeconomics?

In Advanced Macroeconomics, the specific area of research lies in the business cycle. Advanced Macroeconomics is a broad field of study but there are some specific conditions which underline this field as well.

There are broadly two categories which are subdivided into

  • One area which deals with the causation and the consequences of all the causes happening in the economy as a whole.
  • One if the long-term factors which are happening around in the economy.

The first term deals with the income statement, output, and gross products. The second term deals with the long-term factors such as unemployment or recession in the economy and the negative factors surrounding them.

How macroeconomics is different from microeconomics and what is the ultimate concept of both the theories in economics?

The economy is the bigger concept but it is subdivided into macro and micro economy. Here are the differences between them which shows that how both of the concepts are different from one another.

  • The micro economy is the branch of economy which deals with human behavior and choices to relatively small units in the economy. Macroeconomy is the larger part of the economy which deals with the higher and aggregates of the whole economy.
  • Micro Economy is sometimes known as the Price theory. Macro Economy, on the other hand, is sometimes known as Income theory since it deals with the income and output of the whole economy.
  • Micro economy takes in the smaller concepts of the whole economy. Macroeconomy on the other part helps the economy to settle the price level by understanding the income e and expenditure of the people residing in the whole economy.
  • Micro economy helps the economy to focus on the individual production of the business and firms. It also helps to understand the customers as well. Micro economy helps in understanding the growth and how the economy rises to a new level with the help of other stances.
  • Micro economy helps the opportunist to form decisions based on the appropriate policies on the resource allocation. Macroeconomics on the other stage helps the people to formulate plans and policies based on major issues.
  • Macroeconomy deals with the homogenous products dwelling in the economy. Macro economy helps to understand and deal with the heterogeneous products in the economy.
  • Micro economy is a part of the individuals and macro economy helps the whole economy to behave.
  • Sometimes microeconomics is of a less importance when compared to macroeconomics. Both are part of economics but one is widely used and one is used just to extract the expenses or the scenario leading an individual unit.

So it sums up that micro economy deals with the analysis and behavior of all the markets and whereas macroeconomy is just the opposite. It undertakes important issues leading the economy and the growth of the economy as a whole. Both of the concepts typically have a great influence on one another and are combined in one way or the other.

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