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What isAdaptive control?

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Adaptive control is a kind of control method that is used by the controller. The controller applies it to control a system with the parameter. As an example, if an aircraft flies, its mass can gradually decrease because of fuel consumption; here adaptive control is important in this changing situation. Adaptive control is different from robust control. This adaptive control is related with control law changing. Adaptive control Assignment Help service will help you to get a clear idea.

Adaptive control techniques:

One can distinguish between:

  1. Feedforward Adaptive Control
  2. Feedback Adaptive Control

And also between

  1. Direct Methods:

In this method, the estimate parameters are directly used in adaptive controller.

  1. Indirect Methods:

Here, estimate parameters are applied to calculate necessary controller parameters.

There are a various categories of feedback adaptive control:

Dual Adaptive Controllers

  • Suboptimal Dual Controllers
  • Optimal Dual Controllers

Nondual Adaptive Controllers

  • Extremum Seeking Controllers
  • Adaptive Pole Placement
  • Model reference adaptive controllers
  • Gain scheduling
  • Iterative learning control

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Some important topics in adaptive control:

  1. This is based on Discrete Time Process Identification.
  2. Adaptive Control of Multivariable Processes.
  3. This type of control depended on the Model Reference Technique.
  4. Adaptive Control of the Nonlinear Processes.
  5. It is based on ContinuousTime Process Models.

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