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For ease of production and proper manufacturing, the making of the product takes place via the famed divide and conquer approach. The work of the product encompasses several departments. The responsibility accounting brings about segregation of materials, labour, and even the factory overheads into departments. Each of the segregated department accomplishes a precise procedure or progression in the direction of the accomplishment of the product.

For instance the initial phase of the work on the product is kick started after the unification of the departments.  Each of the individual units is transferred to the testing and verification department. It is from here that they reach the department of despatch. With activity-based costing and department costing systems assignment help found online, these terms are well explained.

Allocation of cost to each department

  1. Departmental and cumulative unit costs are calculated for a certain period of time, which comes under the head of process costing.
  2. The cost of a total finished unit is estimated in a certain way. The total cost of the units is divided by the total cost spanning over a certain period of time.
  3. The cost per department when calculated, we also consider these goods which are in the making.
  4. Here companies prefer to introduce a new term departmental work in process (WIP) inventories, which is also needed for cost control purposes.

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Getting to know about ABC

Activity based costing also abbreviated as ABC is a method to determine costs. It picks up the activities in a firm and post this each of the activity is assigned a particular cost. The cost mentioned here would also include the allotment of resources as well.  These resources or cost are assigned to various steps that combine to form a product or deliver a service.

In this process, the main target is upon the assignment of cost based on actual consumption of the goods. In contrast with conventional costing, this method maps the overhead cost with the direct cost. The activity-based costing and department costing systems homework help online will give you a clearer picture of this.

ABC is implemented into the various departments of the company. The departments include financing, costing and also accounting.  It is a modelling process that has scope for materialised view. It also scrutinises and helps to identify the flaws in the procedure.  It also aids to disperse more funds on profitable products, departments and activities.

Addition to it, ABC helps one to ignore the costs to be eliminated, and come up with proper strategies so as to efficiently utilise the resource for activities and procedures in the manufacture of a good, as is depicted in activity-based costing and department costing systems homework help. as a constant help

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