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Acids and Bases Homework Help

The basic concepts of acids and bases discussed here

Expand Your Knowledge with Acids and Bases Homework Help

Acids and bases can be defined in various ways. They vary a lot while they do not contradict with each other. We at are sincerely working together to provide you with the best acids and bases homework help.

There are myriad numbers of ways in which you can describe an acid or a base. Different scientists over the years have developed different ways in which an acid or base can be defined. Mostly it has been seen that the property of the acid or base or it nature has been used to define the acids as well as bases.

The nature and behavior of acids and bases contradict each other. When you are doing your assignment on the topic, it is really common for you to get confused regarding the topic. Hence our people from acids and bases assignment help are always ready to complete your tasks. The best team come together to do your job.

What is Svante Arrhenius definition on acids and bases?

It was propounded in 1884 when he produced ions when salt came in contact with water. He observed the following things:

  • In aqueous solution base produces OH ions
  • In aqueous solution, acids thereby produces H ions
  • Water is required
  • To produce hydrogen ions only protic acids are allowed
  • Hydroxide bases are only allowed

You may get a slight idea of acids and bases after going through the above mentioned points. Don’t panic if you fail to get the pivotal point of discussion. You always have acids and bases assignment help to de stress yourself.

Arrhenius definition in short

The definition is mostly required to be put at the beginning of assignments as it is a classical definition. It has been explained quite fluently by our experts from acids and bases homework help.

  • The bases produce OH ions in a solution, whereas the acids produce H+ ions in the aqueous solution.
  • Water is therefore required for productions of acids and bases, hydroxide based substances are produced from these reactions.

Basic idea cleared

When you are taking the help of people from myhomeworkhelp, it will be abundantly clear that these people will go to any extent to make you understand the concept. If you are not able to understand many things in the beginning, there is no need to worry you simply need to chill and grasp basic concepts at first.

What is Johannes Nicolaus Bronsted definition on acids and bases?

  • According to this theory, acid base reaction is the release of proton from the acid.
  • How does a base accept a proton?

Lowry Bronsted theory briefly described for concept

In the various acid base reactions, you will find that acids are generally known to give away protons. The bases on the other hands accept protons. You will find out in the acids and bases assignment help that protic acids are allowed for completion of reactions and bases other than hydroxides are also allowed for completion of reactions.

What are the properties of acids?

  • Acids are highly corrosive
  • They taste sour and don’t you dare taste them
  • The word acid is derived from the Latin word acere
  • It can change litmus from blue to red
  • The acid water or the aqueous solution is able to conduct electric current
  • It reacts with bases to form water and salt
  • It can evolve hydrogen after reacting with an active metal like alkali and alkaline metals

Some unique features of compounds explored

Water is such a compound that it behaves like an amphoteric substance. This means it can act as an acid as well as base. The strong acids ionize entirely in the aqueous solutions whereas the weak acids do not. Using acids and bases homework help, you will be able to know these things perfectly.

What are the properties of bases?

  • It feels soapy or slippery
  • It really tastes bitter
  • Bases doesn’t change the colour of the litmus
  • The water or the aqueous solution can conduct electric current
  • It reacts with acids to form water and salt

Are you facing any problem in understanding the subject matter? In that case, you must go through acids and bases assignment help from us.

 Want to know more about the base?

  • Acids are simply the proton donors
  • Aqueous solution are indispensable
  • Bases accept the protons
  • Besides hydroxide, other bases are also permissible
  • Among the acids protic acids are only allowed

If you have acids and bases homework help with you, you can stay happy and cheerful away from anxiety and stress.

Concept of conjugate

The conjugate base of a particular acid is the species formed after that acid has given away a proton. The conjugate acid of a base is the species formed after it has accepted a proton. The conjugate hence consists of an acid-base pair and have similar molecular formula. The acid part simply has that extra H+ charge in comparison to the base. The acids and bases assignment help is therefore must for clearing all concepts.

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