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What is account handling?
Account handling is a procedure in which people are recruited to administer and handle the accounts of their respective clients. These account handlers do a number of things to help their clients in a better way.

They advise their clients on matters of concern or make them aware of a certain new change that might have occurred in their account or tell them about a new scheme that may be profitable to them.

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What is cash handling?
Cash handling is the procedure in which a person counts, dispenses and tracks the money received in a bank, restaurant, grocery, shops, malls, Casinos, Hotels etc. The person who does the cash handling counts the money both on the automated cash handling machine and by himself or herself and tallies the two in the long run.

Problems faced by students studying about cash and account handling
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What is the importance of assignments in cash and account handling?
Cash and Account handling has a lot of Assignments involved. These assignments are really important because these not only enhance your accounting abilities but also add up to a lot of your marks. Assignments carry almost 30% of your total marks so you can now make out how important they are. However, Accounts and Cashhandling Assignment help is a must.

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