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What are accounting-based measures for business units?

Accounting-Based Measures for Business Units refers to computing the financial or economic activities in the form of hours, money or various other units. Accounting measurement can be termed as a unit of some element that is measurable, and which can be used to evaluate and compare accounting data.

Accounting is frequently quantified as money, although it can be recorded also as:

  • Number of jobs created
  • Number of labor hours
  • Alternative units

Various accounting measurements offer a more wholesome perspective of a company’s overall health, by permitting the use of different evaluation and comparison methods.

Companies generally make use of 4 Accounting-Based Measures for their sub-units’ economic performance. 3 performance measuring approaches include measuring investment, such as Economic Value Added, Return on Investment (ROI) and Residual Income. Return on Sales is a 4th approach, although it does not involve investment measurement.

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Accounting-Based Measures for Business Units: Exploring for students!

Accounting-based measures are essential for proper evaluation of the performance of any firm, and these include measures such as:

  • Growth rate of a firm
  • Earnings per share
  • Sales of a firm

However, these measures can be distorted by accounting principles. The application of these measures can be more or less subjective, such as how to depreciate assets fast or when revenue should be recognized.

Accounting-based performance measures happen to be based on past records at all times, which informs the position and status of a firm in the industry.

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