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An overview on absorption of factory overhead
Absorption overhead is also considered as manufacturing overhead which is mainly applicable for cost objects along with product. Overhead is basically applicable depending on overall scheduled overhead allocation rate. Overhead allocation rate must be adjusted to get the amount of overhead absorbed into coalition with the actual oppressed amount of overhead. In this method direct material cost is taken as the basis of overhead absorption rate.  Overheads of a factory is mainly consists of indirect material, indirect labour and indirect expenses. Factory overhead also includes certain costs like cleanup costs, quality assurance costs, and property insurance premiums.

Various methods of absorption of factory overheads are:

  • Rate per unit of production
  • Percentage on Direct Material costs
  • Percentage on Direct labour cost
  • Percentage on prime cost
  • Direct labour hour rate

The problems that may arise due to assignment
Many problems that can arise while a student working with this subject. It is very much important to know the measurements of amount of overhead, overhead rate and the number of units produced. Our absorption of factory overheads homework help expert team makes it very simple and easy to calculate all the outputs. Direct material cost is to be taken as the basis of overhead absorption rate. Compute the labour cost also very essential part of this. Any mistakes due to these measurements can lead the whole assignment to an error.

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