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What is 4-Variance Analysis?

4-Variance analysis is a method that classifies spending, efficiency and volume variances into the fixed and variable parts.

  1. Variable Overhead Spending Variance
  2. Variable Overhead Efficiency Variance
  3. Fixed Overhead Spending Variance
  4. Production Volume Variance

The managers can then reconcile these with the budgeted numbers.

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4-Variance Analysis assignment help can easily explain the terms in following ways –

  • Variable Overhead Spending Variance

This Variance determines the total effect of the difference in the Actual Variable Overhead rate and the Standard Variable Overhead Rate. This can be represented as

(Actual Hours X Actual Variable Overhead Rate) – (Standard Variable Overhead Rate X Actual Hours)

This is similar to variances in price of materials or variances in wage. However, unlike the former, it is not an individual quantity by itself but is made up of a number of items such as electricity, maintenance, indirect labour, etc.

  • Variable Overhead Efficiency Variance

This measures the change in variable overhead consumption that depends on the efficiency of direct labour. This can be represented as

(Actual Hours Worked – Hours Allowed for Production) X Standard Variable Overhead Rate

If more hours are used than the standard, the total variable overhead cost will increase and vice versa.

In 4-Variance Analysis you will get that there are Two Fixed Overhead Variances

  • Fixed Overhead Spending Variance

This can be calculated as (Actual Fixed Overheads – Budgeted Fixed Overheads)

If the actual fixed overhead is lower than given budgeted fixed overhead, then variance is favourable.

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  • Production Volume Variance

Production Volume Variance can be calculated as

(Total units produced – Budgeted units) x Budgeted overhead rate

Excess units produced are favourable while fewer units produced would be unfavourable.

Why would organisations use 4-Variance Analysis?

4-Variance Analysis would provide maximum information, which would, in turn, allow managers to make better decisions with respecting to controlling the overheads.

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