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What are the Methods of Valuation of Inventories Homework Answers?

by Sep 12, 2017Homework Answers

Methods of Valuation of Inventories Homework Answers

Students having a keen interest in cost accounting have taken the subject of inventory valuation. However, you never wondered that finding Methods of Valuation of Inventories Homework Answers would be so difficult. Not to worry. Here you can get different solutions to your question.
First, understand inventory valuation
Understanding inventory valuation makes it easy to move further into homework questions. First break the words, inventory, and valuation. Inventory refers to stocks or assets of a company. The company usually keeps a hold on these assets because they have a future goal to sell them. It is mainly kept aside for reselling.
The company assigns a certain monetary amount to these assets. Therefore, inventory valuation means calculating this assets’ monetary value with taking help from different cost accounting techniques. By using methods of valuation, it becomes easy to understand where the company is standing regarding it’s assets. This, also, shows goods’ resale value and when to utilize it.
Evaluation Systems
Among the accounting systems used in evaluation, there are two very important ones that you need to know.
Perpetual Inventory system
In this type of evaluation, accounts department is entitled to keep a record of the amount of every inventory stock that is on hand, daily. Usually recorded in sub-ledger in a separate account,it evaluates each good in stock. Accounts department updates it every time a material is added to or taken out from the stock.
Periodic Inventory System
Here, the basis of evaluation is sales. Once the process takes place,immediately it is recorded in account books. However, inventory, in this case, is not updated.  Thus, it requires a company to physically count the inventory of the goods to determine it’s cost at year ending.
Methods of Inventory Valuation
For solving questions, one needs to understand the methods first. Therefore they need help with Methods of Valuation of Inventories Homework Answers. The perpetual system of evaluation further classified into following methods:

  1. Specific Identification method

It deals with selling of a material or stock that has a larger identifiable unit such as furniture, automobiles, jewellery, etc. Best used when the flow of materials become easy to track down as it is happening on a daily basis. It is a user-friendly method. It is used mostly when low quantity materials are measured.

  1. FIFO

First-in-first-out is the most commonly used method of evaluation. Here, cost of materials for selling is determined by the cost of material previously bought. Therefore, when there is inflation in the market, this method results in higher income.

  1. LIFO

The method of last-in-first-out is just opposite to FIFO. Here, the company evaluates the selling cost as the recently produced unit valuation. Therefore when the time of evaluation of inventories arrives, it will result in the highest estimation of the cost of goods while giving a low net income.

  1. HIFO

The highest-in-first-out method allows use of those goods first which had the biggest value during purchase. The goods having evaluated at a highest rate will be taken out of the stock first. Through this method, account books show the most expensive stock of the company.

  1. Weighted Average

Mostly used during year ending, to evaluate the remaining stock of a company,this will be carried forward to the next year.The method derives the average cost through the division of the total cost of good that is available for sale by the total units of material that remains for selling. However, when there is a rapid turn in the evaluation through this method, it will closely relate to other two methods LIFO and FIFO.
Need for Methods of Valuation of Inventories Homework Answers
Not every student is a pro at solving questions related to inventory valuation. Therefore they need help now or then. Homework answers are your solution to those problems you face while doing cost accounting.

  • Finding right methods for evaluation is necessary. It becomes easy to deal with cost accounting through this process.
  • Understanding methods with a thorough example,are very important. This helps in getting right solutions. Gradually, you will get acquainted with using these methods wherever needed.
  • Slowly starting to solve more tricky questions gives you ample time in advance to move up the stages of accounting. You understand each problem and get proper solutions for that.
  • Knowing the situation of the company given in the questions is important. The sums are real-life examples that will help you in the long run. By solving problems as such students become a pro in understanding business situations in the market.

The Benefits Students receive from Methods of Valuation of Inventories Homework Answers
Formula format
Mathematical or accounting formulas are difficult to understand. To everyone’s distress one cannot modify formulas; therefore you need authentic answers while searching on formulas. Homework help provides the formal, exact format of a formula.
All Solutions in one place
Students are happy when they get all solutions to their questions in one place. Often searching for answers on the internet becomes difficult. Also, different sites provide answers that differ from each other. In this case, students are more confused. Thus, when you are getting all solutions in one place, which is authentic, it becomes easy to formulate answers.
Skipping all Hindrances
Students often get stuck in one problem and cannot go to the next. They can avoid these hindrances by getting help from Homework solutions. It makes the solving fun and easy when you have a goal of 100 or more sums to solve.
Experts Consult
In sites that provide homework help, they give the option to consult with an expert. Thus, the advice provided by professional and experts in the field gives the students an enhanced technique of learning cost accounting.
You will find many online sites providing Methods of Valuation of Inventories Homework Answers. These pages will help you to know in details about the methods. They also provide aid in solving the difficult questions you are facing in this subject. Therefore opting for a homework help site, will be the right choice.