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Importance of Budget and Budgetary Control Homework Answers

by Sep 12, 2017Homework Answers

Budget and Budgetary Control Homework Answers

A student dealing with the subject of budget management first needs to know few ground rules. They need to first understand the meaning. It is not only big companies but also small organizations come up with budget plans. When walking into a sphere of management studies, students can expect Budget and Budgetary Control Homework Answers from online sites. However, it is important to understand various steps involved.
Why is it important to make a budget?
Your mother plans ahead of the month for household spending; your father decides overall money flow while you are in charge of deciding your own expenses. Therefore, every stage needs planning.

  • Budgeting allows you to form a concrete plan for spending your money
  • It also ensures that when you are in emergency, you will have enough disposal amounts
  • Budget plans always keep you out of debts and also ensure you come out of debt safely

Why all business needs a budget?
Success of any kind of business depends on budget planning. As a student, you should understand various reasons behind it.

  • Budget analyses the future cash flow
  • It helps to understand the need of fund injection in different matters
  • Planning means it restricts the expenditure to a limit
  • It also creates a proper financial structure which a company follows to remain out of debt
  • Budget planning also enables increase in sales
  • When company thinks of expansion, budget planning provides aid to the growth

How to understand Budget and Budgetary Control Homework Answers?
You need to know the different types of terms and system involved in budgeting. That makes it easier to round up your findings in a more planned version. Before searching for answers, try decoding the question completely. Thus, online sites help you to know various aspects involved in budget planning.

  1. Know the phases:

There are four important phases of forming a budget

  • Budget preparation

Here you start generating the budget step by step. It requires ground level analysis. At this point, the budget maker encourages guidance from top officials as well. Also, different sections of the business come forth with their individual budgets. The budget maker then starts to form the whole analysis.

  • Budget approval

The government and the business sectors need a proper approval of the budget from their higher authorities. Managers forming the budget should state reasons and analysis. It helps others to understand and give their opinions.

  • Budget evaluation

After the approval authorities need to analyze the funds and its proper use. It is very important to identify the right fund for the correct need at the beginning.

  • Budget Execution

Success of a budget depends on a proper execution. Therefore, authorities need to execute it efficiently. This way the fund distributed reaches to the needed sections.

  1. Main Importance:

To understand various stages in solving Budget and Budgetary Control Homework Answers, one needs to understand its importance.

  • Budget forecasting

When you are forming a business budget, it automatically helps you to know the annual expenses. Also, helps to set monthly goals. You can predict in advance the scenario that will occur shortly

  • Budget sets price

Every department in a company needs a proper cash flow to carry on with their future goals. Forming budget at the beginning of the financial year lets the department understand the amount of fund they have on hand to spend during projects.

  • Budget increases capital and credit

Pre-decided monetary goals help in making capital. When the business secures an amount which they can put as a capital it always proves beneficial for long runs. Channelizing cash flow means it will give more credit to the business account. Thus, the overall company balance increases and they can walk towards the next year with a hefty fund in their account.

  • Budget increases flexibility

You can track your employee performance from the previous year. Thus, you can make necessary changes to departments and also allocates needed funds to different sections. Therefore, a budget helps in understanding progress as well as brings in the needed actions.

  1. Types of Budget:
  • Cash Flow Budget

Students should pay more attention to this type. While searching Budget and Budgetary Control Homework Answers they come across these terms. It means the day to day cash flow, coming in or going out from the company spending. Through this budget managers analyses deficiencies of cash also search for ways to increase cash flow into the business.

  • Static Budget

This types of budget define the elements used in business while keeping expenditures unchanged. It identifies the variations in sales level. It happens mainly in the nonprofit or public sectors because they depend largely on grants and donations.

  • Master Budget

Every business should have a master budget. It helps the higher managerial authorities to plan the overall money settings. It makes the distribution easy. Also, provides a proper fund in each section. A master budget reflects the authorities’ impartial judgment towards every department.

  • Financial Budget

It involves revenues, capital expenditure and helps a business to form a strategy of spending. Also, it outlines how the business should carry on with their expenses. It shows the graph of receiving and giving cash. These types of the budget also show how the business should manage their assets.

  • Operational Budget

Business expenses happen every day. Therefore, the budget maker needs to plan a budget that covers this aspect. This kind of budget basically tries to put all types of day to day expenses under one analysis. It lets the authorities allocate funds for everyday activities and goals.
What are the cycles involve for Budget and Budgetary Control Homework Answers?
Mainly three types of budget cycles occur in different sectors:

  • Monthly Budget Cycle
  • Quarterly Budget Cycles
  • Annual Budget Cycles

Therefore a budget helps in controlling cost, prepare reports, etc. Also, management can keep an eye on the performance level and think of upcoming business opportunity. Thus, students dealing with this subject should take aid from online sites that give Budget and Budgetary Control Homework Answers.