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Set Distractions at Bay to Complete Your Assignments

by Jun 1, 2017Assignments

Most students start their work with full concentration. But with time the focus wears away and they get frustrated. It is a simple problem which everybody faces.

Maintaining the concentration for the work you don’t feel like to do is very hard. Often your mind starts wandering about, and you forget you have the assignment to complete. After you recall you have to start with all over again.

After a time continuing with the same process you get tired of it, and all you do is pack up your books and copy and start doing what you feel like. These subjects which you stack up in the back burners haunt you during the last night before submitting your assignments or during your exams.

But with a simple solution, all these hectic procedures can be avoided. You have to set your distractions at bay, to complete your homework. It is easier said than done. But with simple ways, you can motivate yourself.

Simple chores:

Completing simple chores motivates the brain to complete certain tasks. Take a walk or stroll. Help yourself at the kitchen. After you complete these chores, you feel like you can complete the assignments. It helps you build your interest.

Cell phones:

If you find yourself distracted by mobiles or laptop, it advisable to turn them off and keep them aside. A single ping can make you lose your focus, and you stop with your assignment.


Set up a plan. Say for“If I complete this assignment then I can visit my friends.” It will motivate you further than usual to complete the task faster and efficiently.


Choose a place which is less crowded and where there is hardly any conversation. If you have a problem with concentration, then a simple conversation will drag your attention far from your work. So it better to avoid discussion.


This may seem inappropriate. But after you have paid attention for an amount of time you should reward yourself with a small break to motivate yourself to concentrate further on the assignment.

It is hard to sit for a long time and focus on what you don’t feel like doing. The chief reason you lose concentration is, you don’t find the work pleasant, and you make excuses to avoid it. But for assignments, you cannot avoid it for the lifetime. It all comes back to you on the last day when you are under pressure to complete it. Studies show that we estimate our self more than we are capable. We often say that we will complete it on the last day but when it comes to that, we are unable to bear the pressure, and we fail.

Ways to avoid the distractions:

  • Understand yourself:

You have to know yourself better. If you are able to concentrate for a long time or you fail to keep your focus on a particular subject. When you get to know your problem, you can make your plan.

  • An assignment planner:

Follow an assignment plan. Make a routine for your homework. Allot each subject at least two times a week. By this way, you don’t to pay a good deal of focus every day and also you will be able to complete the assignment before time.

  • Time:

You should divide the time among the subjects. Don’t spend too much time on a particular one so that you miss another assignment. If the time is set, it will not be hard for you to maintain your concentration for that time. Eventually, you find that you are able to keep your focus for a long time.

  • Prioritise:

Learn to assign priority to your assignment. You may end up doing a particular subject every day that you like the most, and leave a subject unattended because you don’t like it. This is harmful to your exams. So the top priority should be the subject you hate the most. If you complete a small part of the assignment every day you do not have to stick to it for a long time on the last day.

To keep your focus uninterrupted is a mind’s trick. The more you trick your mind, the more you are able to focus.

  • Turn off all the devices that distract you easily.
  • Choose a location that will help you to keep your focus.
  • Set up your desk, Keep all the items needed near you so that you don’t have to run every time you need a thing.
  • Find the strategy. For me I love music, so I listen to a particular music while studying. For you, it may be anything. Find it and try to utilise it.
  • Keep munching. Using your brain and mind can be very tiring. It feels good to have some snack while doing assignments. So keep some snacks near you to nibble on.
  • Inform your family that you are working on a particular assignment so that they don’t bother you during that time. It helps to motivate you too.
  • Choose the time you can work best. It can be night time if you are a night owl. Of it can be morning if you are a morning bird.

Most of the time you do not complete your assignment because you don’t feel like to do. But you have to. To make it easier for you to do something, you may feel free to visit effective ways to complete your homework when you don’t feel like completing.