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How to Complete the Assignment You Don’t Feel to Do?

by Jun 1, 2017Assignments

Always there is a subject which you leave in the back burner. No matter how uncomfortably close the deadline is, you manage to leave it unattended for days. You have heard from your friends how easy the assignment is, but you find it so. It is because you hate that subject or you do not feel to do the assignment.

Often it seen that among our syllabus, we like one to two subjects, rests are tolerable, and one subject is always ignored. We try to skip those classes, we forget about its homework and tests. All we do is flunk that test. It seems funny when you hear it from a different person, but it feels like groundbreaking when the same happens to you.

Now going through the same thing year after year does not feel right. So it is better if you try to analyse the situation and the feelings you bear for that subject.

Why do you hate or avoid the assignments of the subject?

  • You are afraid you may mess it up:

You are able to handle the assignments of other subjects and managed to score quite well. But this particular task makes you nervous as you never know how to start. When you do not understand the how to deal with the assignment, you feel fragile and avoid that task till the last day.


Prepare your mind with two reasons to complete the task. Firstly; if you complete the assignment, you will score good marks depending on your effort, you will be able to impress the teacher that you are finally trying to cope with the subject. Secondly; If you manage to bear it for the year, you may not have to repeat the same the next year. It will be very foolish to avoid it for years after years to drag it for more years.

  • You don’t feel like doing the assignment:

You know your brain always comes up with the right solution, but your mind bribes you with escapes routes. As we all know, they never work in the same way, and it is our decision to follow any one of the two. In this case, I would suggest you follow your brain and ignore your heart.


Try to distract yourself from the situation. You have to complete it, and you cannot put it away from any further. It actually helps if you finish small parts of the assignment every day for few minutes. In this way, you don’t feel burdened with it on a single day, and voila you eventually find that you have completed the assignment. BY this way you don’t have to put on a fight with your heart for a long time. And it usually feels like a part of your routine you have to complete daily.

  • You find it hard, boring and unpleasant:

Generally, you feel so, that is why you avoid doing assignments. For this case, there is not such prescribed solution but all you can do is plan an if-then scheme in your mind which may make you finish the work.

How to make up your mind to do the assignment you don’t want to?

  • You have to the homework right now:

You cannot delay anymore or postpone it any further.

  • Set up your desk:

Find the good location where you are able to stay concentrated or focus for a long time without getting distracted. It may be the library or your home.

  • Find the supplies:

Collect the needful things, so you don’t have to wander every time you need it. That wastes a lot of time, and slowly you start getting frustrated.

  • Set up time:

Time management is critical to complete the assignments. You cannot spend the whole day with one subject. So, divide your time and allot each subject a certain amount of time so that you don’t get bored with a monotonous subject.

  • Walk:

After you are done with the setting up and planning all you need is to prepare yourself mentally; a walk or stroll helps to increase your focus. But don’t do something which will drain your energy.

  • Future planning:

All this effort can be avoided if you follow a particular homework routine.

  • Method:

Make a routine. Plan your subjects wisely. A routine helps you to keep track of your assignments. If you complete small parts of your assignment daily if will not be a burden on the last date. And a routine will also prove helpful before your exams.

  • Friends:

Friends are very important during your school or colleges. Without them, you cannot have the fun of the respective life. But what if you let your friends help you study. Find a small group of friends and plan the routine with them. A group study always helps you to complete your assignments early than expected. Engaging the ideas and knowledge of each lessens your single effort.

  • Goal:

Set each goal and complete it daily. If you fail to complete a daily goal make sure to complete it the next day before starting with the new.

Motivating yourself is a necessity if you have to complete your assignment that you don’t feel to. It actually keeps you on track and makes you complete your tasks before time. The best way to avoid this is, complete it in one single day. If you need to know how to complete your assignment in a single day or overnight, you may like to check Secret methods for night owls to execute their assignment before the deadline.