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List of Top 10 Creative Writing Assignments

by Aug 10, 2022Writing0 comments

Creative writing assignments help to enhance students’ skills and capabilities for developing exceptional literary pieces. While talking about creative writing, the most common types that come to mind are essays, novels, stories, etc. However, modern creative writing assignments are not confined to those forms only. 

Schools and colleges keep students engaged in interactive and creative writing projects which help them in developing their artistic skills in creating unique writing projects. This blog lists the 10 best creative writing assignments that you might come across.

10 Best Creative Writing Assignments 

There are several forms of creative writing assignments; however, here are the 10 best that are easy to learn and develop innovative writing abilities in students:

  1. Short Fiction

Short fiction offers much resemblance to short stories. They are shorter than novels but with a similar plot, setting and story construction. Therefore, they are almost like short stories. Being short in length, fiction grasps the reader’s attention and is often popular among all ages. Writing short fictions are an easy way of starting a creative venture. Therefore, institutions assign students with short fiction projects to enhance their innovative writing skills.

2. Autobiographies

Autobiographies have been common writing forms for ages, but what about a rambling autobiography? Though teachers often advices students to avoid rambling while writing answers as it may compel them to make mistakes. However, in the case of an autobiography writing assignment, students need to follow the subconscious mind and write eventful accounts about their own life. It makes the project interesting and can assess the capability of a student in fields of creativity. 

3. Scripts

Scriptwriting is an amazing way to showcase one’s creativity. Scripts are not only confined to movies and short films. Television commercials, radio programs even YouTube and Instagram videos need a script. Therefore, writing a script enhances creativity and improves their marketing skills. Several institutions focus on script writing assignments to develop students’ competitive writing skills.

4. Letter

Letter writing exhibits the communication skill of the students. So, teachers often assign them letter-writing tasks to improve their communication with others. The communicative approaches differ from person to person. Thus, letter writing assignments help teachers assess the student’s improvement in communicative and creative fields.

5. Journals 

Several people write diaries regularly to keep notes of their daily stuff. A journal is something similar in a different approach. Journal keeps track of events. It helps in noting down the day-to-day events and acts as a memoir. Students can improve their writing ability through journal writing.

6. Short Stories

One of the most interesting and creative forms of literary piece are the short stories. Writing stories require exceptional imaginative and artistic thinking. Framing a story that grasps the reader’s attention is not an easy job. It requires creative involvement. Therefore, short stories are one of the effective forms of creative writing.

7. Blogs

Blogs are super trendy in recent days. They are somewhat the modern version of a journal in an informal tone. Blogs represent experiences of various persons regarding their lifestyle, travel diaries and other ventures. A storytelling approach prevails throughout the blogs that lets the writer communicate with the readers. This fresh approach makes blogs more attractive and relatable. Therefore, creative writing assignments include blog writing to update the students according to the latest trend.

8. Essays

Essays are the basics of creative writing. This literary form is the first creative writing assignment that every student must start with. Essays are descriptive, requiring creative thinking and implementation through selective words. Modern creative writing includes several literary forms; however, essays are the base of all creativity. Therefore, essay writing is a foremost priority in creative writing fields. 

9. Speeches

Speeches can be both formal and informal. Students are often asked to deliver a speech at school functions. It enhances their communication skill and creativity side by side. Therefore, writing a speech involves excellent writing and communicative skills. Teachers can include speech writing into the creative writing assignments to enhance students’ innovative skills.

10. Advertising and Marketing

Creative writing is no more confined to the above-mentioned literary aspects. With the advent of technology, people are implementing creative writing skills in the marketing field as well. Copywriting and marketing posts demand excellent innovative approaches to compel potential buyers. Learning about advertising and marketing content creation as creative writing assignments helps students know about advanced writing techniques that they can use later on.

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