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Importance of Parent-Teacher Communication for Effective Development of the Students

by Nov 8, 2016Homework Solution

As we all know, homework is one of the most important things for students as well as the thing that student hates to do. Students hate doing homework because they fail to understand the importance of it.
School students are very small to understand it unless there is someone who can explain it to them. On the other hand, if students are made to understand its importance will help them in the long run when they opt for higher education.
In higher education, the most important thing that student should know is that time is very less compared to their syllabus. Thus they need to develop a habit of studying regularly before reaching that level. Teachers and parents play the most important role in making students understand the importance of this habit.
This is because it is school or their home where students spend most of their time. In school teacher molds the habits, behavior and values of students, on the other hand the same thing is taught by the parents in their home. Thus it is necessary that they both mutually discuss what their children need and work together on that.
Points to remember   
Now let us know the important points that teachers and parents know about benefits of homework in order to teach their children. Especially, teachers should explain to parents as most of them are unaware of it and things homework as a burden for their children. Some of the benefits are as follows:

  • It teaches them to be responsible towards your studies and all kinds of work.
  • It teaches them time management skills to handle all kinds of burden and pressure easily.
  • It helps them develop a habit of studying regularly which is also useful for their bright career.
  • It helps them to become punctual towards their work and responsibility.

These benefits along with some other benefits make homework as one of the most important activities in the life of students. These are the facts that parents should understand so that they can handle the responsibility of their children with care.
Reasons behind parent-teacher communication:
There are various reasons that show the importance of parents-teacher communication from time to time. There are many types of research in this field that of parents and the teachers come together and handle the children then the child is said to benefit the most out of it. This is because they will be guided by their parents just like their teachers do. Let us know some of the importance of this meeting:

  • As we all know parents are the first person from whom the children learn. Thus this meeting helps both of them to handle students and know all their weaknesses, their performances and their capabilities. This will help them to guide students together towards their development and future.
  • Secondly, parents understand that the teachers just can’t handle students alone and it is their mistake to give the responsibilities of their children fully to the teachers. Parents are equally important for them and it is the parents who know them better than the teachers.

This is because it is them who handle the children from the day they are born. Thus if the teachers and parents come together, they can discuss the needs of students.

  • Thirdly, it is seen that when the teachers and parents come together, they can help the children to cope up with their weakness in a better way. This is because they will get the same environment at home as they are getting in school. Parents will also be more responsible with their studies and this will prove to play a positive role in the career of their children.
  • Fourthly, it has mostly seen that parents are the first teacher from where students learn. They play the important part in the academic success of their child. Not only they teach them good values but also know their children in and out. Thus if the teachers meet the parents, they can know students better and help them develop.

These are the reason behind communicating with your child’s teacher and helping them with the best possible way. Thus parent-teacher communication is not merely for knowing student’s marks or complaining about their weakness. It is much more than that and parents should always remember that.
How can you communicate with your child’s teacher?   
There are ways which can help the parents if they want to develop a good relationship with your child’s teacher. Some of them are as follow:

  • Give a surprise visit in your child’s school so that you can keep a check on what your child is doing.
  • Make sure that you check your student’s homework regularly and ask them to get it signed by their teacher.
  • Discuss with the teacher about the weakness of your student and try to manage them with their help. This is because both of you can help your child come over their problem most effectively.
  • Parents can ask the teachers about the lesson taught in class and sit with their child with those chapters every day. This will help your child to develop a strong base.

These are the best ways you can help your child with the above reasons. Parents can also have a look at why is homework considered to be a valuable tool for success so that they can guide their children. This will also encourage the parents to ask teachers to give regular homework to students and help them move towards a better career. This shows how a parent-teacher communication can prove to put a positive effect on students.