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Getting Motivation for Completing English Assignments Perfectly?

By Michelle Johnson
19 Apr, 2017

Is this question popping up in your mind every time you get an assignment in English? I can answer this question as: ‘yes, you can.’ What you lack is just motivation. Before you start rummaging through books for motivational articles and speeches, let me add one more thing. There is only one person who can motivate you completely, and that is you. Yes, being an expert in your assignments is possible, just make up your mind and give the best.

The Stumbling blocks

There is no path devoid of troubles. They are part of learning process. Let me list out some of the feelings that you might be getting while doing English assignments.

  • ‘I am not good in language.’ You try to write submissions on your own once or twice, fail miserably and decide; I am no good. This attitude will deter your progress.Determine to become good in writing assignments.
  • ‘My vocabulary is too ‘This is another complaint I keep hearing. Yes, it happens that sometimes you want to write, but words just not materialize. Don’t worry. It happens even with professional writers. If yourmind is stuck, just let go for a while. Try later, but don’t give up.
  • ‘I am not creative ‘Feeling not creative enough can be very demotivating. Though it is true that spark of creativity is not there for every individual, it can surely be cultivated. Gifted people have no worries. But others need to create a place for themselves through learning and practice.
  • ‘I try, but I can’t ‘There is only one way to describe this feeling-a laziness syndrome. When you say ‘I have tried,’ think again, have you really tried your level best? Give your best, and you definitely can write right.

…..And how to tackle them

Let us now try to find a solution to these seemingly big problems.  Start reasoning with them, and they start shrinking.

  1. Start early

Do not wait for assignment deadlines to be announced to start preparing yourself for it. When a submission is in the offing, why not start early? Consult your professor to get an idea about the likely topics. Be enthusiastic about the assignment. Starting early will give an edge over others. You will not panic when the dates are announced. Remember, well begun is half done.

  1. Read, read and read

The surest way to master English is reading. Read books from across genres. Subscribe to a library membership or read online books. When reading pay attention to new words. Search for their meanings and note them down. Whena striking phrase or usageis found, memorize the context in which it is used.

  1. Write summaries

After reading, don’t just discard the book. Write a summary of the book. It need not be a first class book review, but will definitely help torealize what you understood. There is no need to put details. Don’t start looking for perfection from the start.

  1. Build your vocabulary

The biggest block to starting a writing assignment is not having a sufficient supply of words. So befriend dictionary and learn new words. Understand how and where to use them. A word used with a wrong preposition does not have much effect.

  1. Join reading clubs

A reading club is very useful as it motivates members to read new and wide variety of books. Discuss outlines with friends. Analyze whether your understanding matches with that of others. If it does not, find out where you are lagging behind.

  1. Do sample assignments

Best way to prepare for writing assignments is to write sample assignments on different topics. By doing this, you will realize your strengths and weaknesses. Work on improving weaknesses and bettering strengths.

  1. Reward yourself

You need motivation to move ahead. So whenever you complete a sample assignment or a book review, reward yourself. Do not wait for someone to pat your back. If you assigned a task for yourself and completed it, give yourself a reward. Indulge in some entertainment that makes you happy.

  1. Self-suggestions

Being confident about you is the prerequisite of success. If your confidence levels are not high enough, it is time to change. Say to yourself many times a day that you are good, excellent. Picturise being good in writing assignments and winning laurels. Scientific researches have proven that this technique is helpful in building confidence.

  1. Commitment and conviction

When an assignmentis given, is one hundred percent committed to it. Do not lose interest in the middle. Also, whatever you are writing, do it with conviction. Have faith in your abilities.

When the actual task surfaces

So far we have discussed about the preparations needed before the assignment actually stares at you. What do you do when the assignment is handed over? Your task is to just plunge into itsince your preparation is fine.

Get acquainted with the topic

Grasp the topic, gather information and set to work. Refer to samples written by you earlier. This will be a confidence booster.

Set the outline

Form the outline for your writing. Analyze the points and categorize them in order of importance. Chart out the entire body right from the introduction to the conclusion. Ensure that the main theme is visible throughout. If you have written enough of samples already, this is a cakewalk.

Actual drafting

While drafting the assignment, make sure you highlight all your strong points. Write in a way which captures the reader’s attention till end. Be smart and use your vocabulary skills. But beware of the tendency to overdo. I have often noticed that many students use unnecessary jargons while writing assignments. Use simple and powerful words. If you want to get a detailed idea about the steps in completing English assignments, refer to ’14 steps to complete English assignments quickly’.

Summing up

All of these suggestions are useful only if practiced with determination. Work hard with single pointed attention, and you will reach the pinnacle of success.

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