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👋 Buongiorno! I am Dr. Sofia Rossi, a passionate expert in biology and biochemistry. 🧬 I have in-depth knowledge of various biological concepts and techniques, ranging from molecular biology and genetics to cellular physiology and biochemical pathways.

With over 5 years of experience, I have successfully handled a wide range of academic papers across disciplines, ensuring the highest quality of work. I am well-versed in different writing styles such as APA, MLA, Harvard, OSCOLA, and more, adhering to the principles of plagiarism-free work, good grammar, and the latest referencing styles. ✅

Beyond my academic and writing pursuits, I am also a registered Pharmacist, bringing practical experience in community pharmacies, mental health referral hospitals, and pharmaceutical manufacturing. 💊 My diverse background has enhanced my multitasking abilities and attention to detail.

I am committed to delivering excellence in all aspects of my work and providing the best experience for my students. The positive reviews I have received from satisfied students reflect my dedication to their success.

Education Background

🎓 Ph.D. in Biochemistry, University of Milan, Italy
🎓 Master's degree in Biology, University of Rome, Italy
🎓 Bachelor's degree in Biotechnology, University of Naples, Italy


Doctorate (Ph.D.)


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academic-writing biology biotechnology  

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  • MHH_JJ_90265 - USA

    26 Jul 2023

    Thanks for the encouragement and motivation in genetics.

  • Task code: MHH_LW_43016 - USA

    23 Jul 2023

    The customer provided a review based on the following reasons: ✅ Excellent support and guidance. ❌ Sometimes needs better structuring in content.

    User: 17203
  • MHH_SA_58923 - USA

    14 Jul 2023

    Thank you for the fun biology lessons.

  • MHH_AA_92678 - USA

    13 Jun 2023

    Support in understanding genetic concepts is highly appreciated.

  • MHH_AA_47123 - USA

    10 Jun 2023

    Can't thank you enough for excelling in biology.

  • MHH_HA_84712 - USA

    30 May 2023

    Thanks for the fantastic biology guidance!

  • Task code: MHH_KL_34901 - Canada

    28 May 2023

    The customer provided a positive review based on the following reasons: ✅ Profound subject matter expertise. ✅ Exceptional professionalism.

    User: 11504
  • Task code: MHH_PY_50631 - USA

    26 May 2023

    The customer provided a positive review based on the following reasons: ✅ Thoughtful and well-organized content. ✅ Reliable and trustworthy work ethics.

    User: 51971
  • MHH_CR_83269 - USA

    19 Apr 2023

    So grateful for your invaluable help.

  • Task code: MHH_HA_83049 - USA

    07 Apr 2023

    The customer provided a positive review based on the following reasons: ✅ Respectful and responsive communication. ✅ Timely completion of milestones.

    User: 48181