Dr. Samuel Mwangi

Dr. Samuel Mwangi
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I am Dr. Samuel Mwangi, a biotechnology expert from the beautiful country of Kenya. With a profound passion for biotechnology, I am dedicated to assisting students in their academic journey and exploring this fascinating discipline. As a subject matter expert, I comprehensively understand various biotechnological applications and their real-world impact. Over the years, I have supported over 100+ students in their pursuit of mastering biotechnology concepts and honing their scientific skills. 

When I am not immersed in the world of biotechnology, you can find me exploring the diverse wildlife of Kenya, engaging in community health initiatives, and enjoying traditional Kenyan music.

As a biotechnology expert, I can provide assistance and guidance in various subjects related to the field. My expertise includes:

  • molecular biology
  • genetic engineering
  • bioprocessing
  • bioinformatics
  • genomics & proteomics
  • medical biotechnology

I am here to provide comprehensive support and empower you in your biotechnology studies.

Education Background

🎓 Bachelor's Degree: Biotechnology from the University of Nairobi, Kenya.

🎓 Master's Degree: Biomedical Engineering at the Technical University of Munich, Germany.

🎓 Doctorate Degree: Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Biochemistry from Cardiff University, United Kingdom.


Doctorate (Ph.D.)



Subject Covered

biology biotechnology health-and-nutrition  

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    I am grateful for the help! Highly satisfied with the service.

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