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Hello! I am Corporate Guru, a business studies expert from India 🇮🇳. With a deep understanding of various business disciplines, I have dedicated myself to assisting students in their academic journey. Over the years, I have had the privilege of helping numerous students excel in their studies and unlock their potential in the business world. With a passion for sharing knowledge and empowering students, I provide comprehensive guidance and support in:

  • business strategy
  • marketing management
  • financial analysis
  • operations optimization
  • human resource management
  • entrepreneurship.

Together, let's navigate the exciting world of business studies and achieve your academic goals 👈.

Education Background

🎓 Bachelor's Degree: Business Administration Indian School of Business (ISB).

🎓 Master's Degrees: Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Strategic Management from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA).

🎓  Master of Commerce (MCom) in International Business from Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi.


Master's Degree



Subject Covered

business-management entrepreneurship  

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  • 11 Jul 2023

    The management support provided was of the highest quality! Complex concepts were simplified effectively, which significantly improved my understanding.

    User: 73355
  • 11 Jul 2023

    The customer provided a positive review based on the following reason: 1. Thorough research 2. Excellent problem-solving skills 3. Meticulous attention to detail

    User: 89923
  • 11 Jul 2023

    His expertise greatly expanded my understanding, and I am truly grateful. Thanks for your excellent service.

  • Task code: MHH_IL_74960 - Australia

    24 Jun 2023

    Engaging teaching style that inspires and motivates students to excel.

  • 12 Jun 2023

    I deeply appreciate the expert's exceptional management skills. His ability to deal with complex issues has been instrumental in my success.

  • Task code: MHH_OL_72049 - USA

    12 Jun 2023

    Highly endorsed for their subject matter expertise. Grateful for their support.

  • 11 Jun 2023

    Received outstanding management assistance! He skillfully addressed all my inquiries, enabling me to excel in my assignments. Thank you!

  • Excellent

    11 Jun 2023

    The customer provided a positive review based on the following reasons: ✅ Impeccable attention to detail. ✅ Consistently delivers excellent results.

    User: 33994
  • Task code: MHH_EL_82456 - Germany

    11 Jun 2023

    Professional and responsive guidance tailored to individual learning needs.

  • Excellent

    11 Jun 2023

    The customer provided a review based on the following reasons: ✅ Consistently delivers high-quality results. ❌ Limited availability for additional consultations.

    User: 76915