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Applications of Chemistry in Life and How to Make the Most of Your Lectures for Chemistry Homework Assignments!

by Sep 18, 2019Chemistry0 comments

Chemistry is perhaps one of the daunting subjects you will face in your college. And there will be a number of assignments and homework related to this subject too! So if you aspire to have an amazing grade in this subject you better start preparing for it! Ideally your preparation should start from the very first lecture. But it won’t be surprising if you have delayed studying.

Being a college student comes with a number of burdens in the form of various subjects and extracurricular activities. And if you are a STEM major then you definitely have a lot on your plate. The best way to handle this situation is to be regular in your classes. Long with this if you are majoring in Chemistry then make sure your lab work is updated. Your lab will act as a measure of how you will perform in your career. So you need to be precise and diligent when it comes to that aspect of your curriculum.

We understand that as you enter college you desire to have an active social life along with a good academic balance too. This might seem unobtainable at times but believe me it’s very much possible. Now you might be thinking how is that possible? Well let’s put all questions to rest with the help of the following answers which will encourage you to strike a balance in college!

Q1. What is the importance of Chemistry Assignments and Homework?

  1. Even if you have graduated high school, assignments and homework will continue to form a vital part of your academic life. This is owing to the fact that they will reflect your understanding and knowledge for a given topic. They also prepare you for your exams and other career related opportunities to prove your worth. Hence, you need to ensure that your work is of the best quality to help you improve your grade.

Your chemistry assignment will play a vital role in helping you understand the crux of the subject. Various studies have shown that assignments provide a long term retention rate of any topic you have worked on. Thus this will go on to help you in your work and career too.

  1. How to prepare for Chemistry Assignments and Homework?

In order to get a good score on your Chemistry Assignments and Homework you need to have a thorough understanding of the curriculum. And to be able to efficiently grasp the subject you need to stay abreast with your classes and lectures. Very few students are able to understand the amazing contribution of your classes to your education. And the ones who do are bound to succeed. So pay attention to everything taught in class and be regular too.

Your classwork will play a fundamental role in determining how you will be able to perform in your assignments and subsequently on your tests and exams. So being attentive in class will pay off in the long run. Be extra attentive in class and lab to your teachers too!

  1. What are the other sources you can use to help you with your assignments?

There are a number of different sources you can use to help you finish your work. They are as follows:

  • Class Notes

Most of your professors and teaching assistants will hand out notes and condensed chapters in classes. They are of great importance as they will help you get the gist of the topic when you are facing a time crunch.

  • Running Notes

This might be not well known but when you are in class and your professor is teaching you something be sure to write down anything you feel is important. These notes are known as running notes and can help you emulate the flow of your teacher. Be particular about using a language you are comfortable with.

  • Reference Books

There are always a number of topics you can read or understand from a different book rather than the book you have been assigned. These reference books are easily available in your library or any academic book stores. Sometimes your teacher may also assign you reference books as a part of the curriculum.

  • Homework Help Websites

There are a huge number of websites available which offer you various services. These services range from online tutoring to editing and doing your assignments for you. Websites like myhomeworkhelp.com are one of the leading experts for such services.

  1. How to finish your assignment when faced by a time crunch?

Every now and then you will find yourself facing a time crunch. College can be pretty hectic and taxing. So the added burden of assignments and homework may force you to complete your work in a short period of time. Now this may not only stress you out it will also affect the quality of your work. This is where we can help you out!

There are a number of ways you can use the services of online homework help websites! They provide a number of services which include the following:

  • Tutoring

Some websites boast of providing classes online if you are unable to attend them in your college. They are especially beneficial for people who are working part time or full time. They charge an affordable fee as per the number of classes you attend. They also help you clarify topics or problems you might have faced in class. Some of them offer chatting features to solve your doubts at any time.

  • Proof-reading

As mentioned previously, sometimes you will find yourself finishing your assignment before a rapidly approaching deadline. This will definitely affect the quality of your work. So for this very reason the websites offer proofreading services. They will read and edit your assignments and homework at an affordable cost too!

  • Revising Assignments

If you find yourself unsatisfied by the website’s work then most of them offer revision services too. They help you edit out or rectify your assignment as per your needs. They also add in more content if you require your assignment to be more content rich.

  • Assignment Writing

One of the major services offered by these websites is that of writing assignments. They hire experts and professionals to finish your work for you while guaranteeing plagiarism free content for you too! Now this may seem like an expensive service but the websites design their fee structure in such a manner that you will be able to pay it out of your own pocket!

  1. What are the major career opportunities for a Chemistry graduate?

One of the major reasons why chemistry is the most sort after major is the owing to the popularity it enjoys in the job market. Various statistical data has shown that one of the most saturated fields in terms of job offers are for those who have graduated with a STEM background. So it should not be surprising that you will find yourself competing with a huge bunch of students.

In order to combat with this rising number of students you need to prove your worth. This can be achieved by bringing your best foot forward when it comes to assignments and tests. Be particular about the quality of work you turn in to be graded by your teacher as it will reflect your hard work as well as knowledge.

  1. What are the major applications of Chemistry in real life?

Chemistry is a subject which can be found in all walks of life. Knowingly and unknowingly we apply the principles of this subject in our day to day lives. It is a branch of science which permeates the very core of our existence. Be it the Big Bang or making bread, we use chemistry to ease our lives and live efficiently.

  • Growth and Supply of Food

Chemistry plays a vital role when it comes to our food. The fertilizers we use today are helpful in ensuring that our soils are fertile and can yield healthy crops. With the rise of population we are witnessing a huge spurt in the demand for food. So in order to use the limited agricultural land available to us, we use fertilizers to make the most out of it. Fertilizers like Ammonium Sulphate, Urea, Sodium Nitrate help to increase the productivity of the land.

There is a global demand for the various kinds of food products irrespective of their geographical locations. This demand is satiated by the use of chemical preservatives. The preservatives make it possible for the products to be transported over long distances without going bad or turning rancid.

  • Human health and mortality

Chemistry and its sub branches have made it possible to combat various diseases and increase their life span. After years of research and development we have lifesaving drugs for various forms of cancer, vaccines for polio, tuberculosis and many others. Every day we see advances in science which make life easier and less painful for humans and animals alike.

The most commonly used drugs we encounter in our daily lives are as follow:

  • Antibiotics
  • Antiseptics
  • Disinfectants
  • Insecticides and many other.
  • Chemistry and the Environment

The environment has greatly benefited from the uses of Chemistry. Thanks to the eco-friendly alternatives of CFCs we have the ozone layer repairing itself. Chemistry has helped in the development of various ecofriendly fibers and equipment which can be used in place of their plastic alternatives. We have also discovered ways to degrade plastic in an eco-friendly manner.

Chemistry has also helped develop ways to combat oil spills and other environmental calamities. Thus, it is slowly and steadily helping us improve the environment in a sustainable manner.

  • Industrial Usage of Chemistry

The various industries are the major benefactors of Chemistry and its sub-branches. We have witnessed a major rise in the manufacturing and processing of industrial goods as chemistry has progressed over the years. We have also seen the industries moving from fossil fuels to more sustainable and environment friendly means of producing energy.

Industries like paints, pharmaceuticals, automobiles, cosmetics, paper, textiles and food processing plants have greatly benefitted from the advents in the fields of science and chemistry.

  • Future prospects for Chemistry

Chemistry will definitely play a vital role in the future of the human race. Various research and studies are being carried out to understand how humans can be made well equipped to travel in space or for deep sea explorations.

Chemistry plays an important role in figuring out the various ways through which human lives can be allowed to live in space. It also helps us understand the composition of various far off planets and stars. Such studies help us understand how we came into being and where we are headed for in the future.

With the rise in population, chemistry and its principles are being extensively used to find affordable and environment friendly resources of energy, transportation and fuel. It is also being used to combat the various forms of pollution and develop drugs for life threatening diseases.

Thus, you can see how Chemistry affects the various intricate parts of human lives and the world we live in. It is therefore not surprising that the subject of Chemistry is equated with that of the future. Its various principles have helped improve the quality and standard of living of people all over the planet and continue to do so. This subject has changed human lives for the better and will continue to improve upon it until the end of time itself.


Author Bio:

Chloe Hudson is a renowned and expert academician in the field of Chemistry and its related disciplines. She has a Master’s degree in Chemical Sciences from the Harvard University. Over her years of working in the academic field she has authored and co-authored numerous papers which were published in various magazines and journals. She is known for her keen sense of humor and wit as well as a zest to learn more!