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Hello everyone, I am Chloe Hudson. Currently, I am working as an online academician in a reputed institution. Chemistry is quite a fun subject but you got to focus on the analysis part and my target is to help out students to understand it better hence, I put my best efforts to help out students to finish their homework on time.


I acquired an M.S Degree in chemical sciences from Harvard University. Since, I was always inclined toward establishing a good academic career so I did work quite hard for achieving my degree and equipping myself with proper knowledge. I am not only well-versed with analytical chemistry but I also have expertise in organic, inorganic as well as physical chemistry.

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When I was pursuing my post-graduation degree, then my professors helped me a lot and I could also get some help from online tutors. So, I decided to do the same by helping out students in their assignments. has provided me the platform to help and guide all those students who require my expertise to finish their assignments on time. Sometimes, I also try to help my students to understand certain topics clearly so that they can do the assignments on their own.

Professional skills:

I have written more than five hundred assignments for students pursuing their graduation as well as post-graduation degrees. My expertise helps me to finish the assignments within one or two days which might take almost a week for the students to finish on their own. Moreover, I also have a knack for constant learning on new matter so I keep upgrading my knowledge so that I can guide those pupils better!