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Why Teacher – Parent Interaction Is Important?

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By Sarah J Mitchell
19 Sep, 2016

“At the end of the day, the most overwhelming way to a child’s success is positive and active involvement of parents.” As a parent of two lovely children, I have realized their nature and activity depend on how and what they are doing at school. If you are a parent, you must have noticed, the amount of new things they learn every day in school is tremendous. It is important to keep a check on what they are doing at school to understand your child’s doing in a better way.
The school is known to be the second home, where teachers are like their parents. They have a huge hand in shaping your kid’s personality. As they see them more social at school, it is crucial to know what they have to say about their doings. This is why the parent-teacher meeting is held at least twice a year to improve the interaction between guardians and mentors.
Primary benefits of parent teacher conference
There is not one but 5 major reasons that I would like to give which are paramount in knowing and understanding your child. There can be many times when your kids fail to express him or her, either at school or home; this is the best way to convey his or her saying to each to parent or teacher.

  1. Get to know about your child’s progress

No matter how busy you are, it is always require paying attention to your child. Educators and tutors are there to help them, but they can learn the best at home. If your child is not able to cope up with anything, you need to be aware of that.
Apart from home, school is the place where they spend most of the time. This is why teachers are the best source from whom you can get to know about your child’s progress and participation both in academics and other activities.

  1. Learn about your child’s problem

Problems, be it major or minor, everyone has to face it. The important part is how you deal with it. Children being immature, it’s hard for them to handle any situation. You’ll often notice that they try to hide things (kids are terrible liars, which is good), trust me when they do so, something is not right.
This can only be sorted with an open discussion. The things that you might fail to notice maybe are clear to their teacher.
I’m saying this from my personal experience, my elder son when started going to school; he used to get bullied by few other students. The school authority took care of the situation very well and made sure that never happened. But I was not aware of it, though I did sense something was wrong. It was his class teacher who told me about it. It was morose for me to know that, but somewhere I had a feeling of relief that my son is in good, responsible hands.

  1. Get an idea about your child’s interest

Most of the time at home; we are busy to complete our child’s assignments and homework. This way we often tend to overlook what interests our children the most. Atschool, they get to involve themselves in many activities. They do the most what they like the best.
Talking to your kid’s teacher will help you in understanding more about their interests and hobbies. All your child needs are your encouragement to do great in life.

  1. Personality development

The finest way to boost your child’s personality is by knowing about their social skills. At home it is their comfort zone and they usually tend to be very friendly and active there. When they are in school among so many other children that is the time they actually fumble in their persona.
Know if is able to mingle with other kids or not. Learn about your kid’s friends and their behavior. This will make things a lot easier for you; at least it was so for me. Help your child to be confident, honest, kind and most importantly a good person.

  1. Know if your child is facing problem at home

At times unknowingly, we do a lot of things that affects our child a lot. What we do at home reflects on our child. This is why I strongly believe that whatever we do; we need to make sure our child gets proper attention.
There are interactive sessions at school where children are student counselors are present. It is easier for them to figure out if your child is facing any emotional distress. This is how even you can get to know the same. It is all the more important if your child is an adolescent.
Now, these are the things that will help you to know about your child more. But do you want to know how it will benefit your child’s habit?
Let’s be honest, when you child reaches middle or high school they grow invisible wings which makes them fly high but mostly in the wrong way. You need to keep an eye on your child. If you teen skip school, you’ll get to know about it from his or her teachers. This will make him think twice before bunking.
Things you need to keep an eye on:

  • Ask if your child is attentive in class or not. If not, know the reason why? Don’t let them get involved into the sweetheart to heart break affairs way to soon.
  • There is an age for everything. The word “adult” or “legal”. Make sure you know about your adolescent’s whereabouts.
  • Keep an eye on your child’s health. Make sure they don’t fall under bad influence of drugs or alcohol. If you sense anything remotely related to this, discuss it with the school.
  • During adolescence, there are many changes and developments in your teen’s mind and body, don’t let them shy away because a curious mind is a dangerous mind. I have always opted to speak openly about their queries and ask the school to arrange proper sex education.

Now, I hope I have been able to make my point, why parent teacher meeting are required.  Also, this will give help to guide your child academically. If your kid is falling behind or lagging back in studies, offer them professional help to ease up their academic problem. You can get these help from online homework help services.