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Why Education is a Basic Need of Our Lives?

by Nov 1, 2015Homework Solutions

Have you ever pondered on the fact that you are educated or just literate? No shocking reactions, please! There is a fine line of difference and the funny part is, one needs to be educated to understand this difference. Literacy is just acquiring the minimal knowledge of reading and writing; whereas education is the ability to use one’s analyzing power, right usage of reading and writing skills to widen one’s spectrum of knowledge and surge deeper.

There have been innumerable debates and conferences about increasing literacy rate all across the globe; but do you think just mere knowledge of reading and writing will make much of an improvement? No. At least I and many similar thinking people along with me do not think so. We just don’t need literate citizens in a country, we need educated ones too. Just literate people are like a computer without any software or intelligence installed. Well, educations makes us human, other robot could have easily eradicated our population by now!

Given below are few more reasons which shall convince you of the importance of education in our lives.

Finding happiness from within!

For a stable, balanced and independent life, what is essential? Perhaps, a peaceful and happy soul. And where does happiness come from? This is a much debated question. I feel in order to be happy one need to feel good from the inside. An educated person has little job insecurity, negligible inferior complex and no jealousy and a well balanced self.

Education may not be the key to happiness, but it is a key to many other things in life which shall lead an individual to happiness!

The will which motivates you to keep on trying till you succeed!

It is only due to education one can try to reach his goal through a multiple ways. One way maybe closed, but that does not mean that goal cannot be achieved. One should keep no stone unturned to reach till one’s dreams. A person has to have a strong will power to make things happen and this fighting spirit comes only from education.

Pay your own bills!

What can be more joyful than earning one’s own living? One has to be self sufficient and pay her own bills of luxury or necessities. Education and occupation will also help an individual to build up a network which may be beneficial in future. Being self employed is the only option for people used to comfort lifestyle and luxurious habits.

Contribute to economic growth of your nation

What happens when maximum of the population of a country is educated? It reaches the zenith of development! The citizens carve out ways to be self sufficient and that leads to economic growth of individuals along with the nation. No you understand how some countries are doing so well?

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Ditching baseless superstitions

Have you ever spend time thinking about most of the superstitions we follow? If you have then you should have realized most of the superstitions we follow has scientific reasons behind them and are brainchild of an educated soul. But as times changes and the scientific reasons are no more valid, still people blindly follow some superstitions.

It is only through mass education, one can get rid of these baseless superstitions and create a superstition free society.

Raise voice against the illogical

This topic will be easier to understand if explained with an example. Think of uneducated farmers and their harvest. If one year it rains late due to climate changes and other complications in weather, these farmers shall think that the Rain God is angry with them. They will then invest the little money they had on rituals to please the Rain God. Only n educated person with thinking and reasoning capability can rescue these farmers by explaining them with reasons.

Inculcates the ability to work across cultures and genres!

If a person asks an educated man to travel across nations and work in a place with a different language and culture, he shall jump to his feet at this opportunity. Ask the same question to an uneducated man, he shall have to walk through a path of self destruction and turmoil. This vivid difference is not because of intelligence or intellect; but simply due to self confidence which is more essential than knowledge to thrive in a foreign land and face all odd challenges.

Be educated, stay healthy and gift the world a healthier generation!

Did you know that if mothers are educated, child mortality rates can be reduced by less than half the prevailing value! This is the reason children borne by educated females in cities are healthier, not taking in consideration the toll pollution takes on these babies. Also conceiving fewer kids and giving them proper maternal care is better than conceiving too many children and being unable to take special attention for each of them. Educated parents also provide their kids with proper vaccinations to immunize them from life threatening troubles.

Keeping things to one’s own mind!

It is next to impossible to trap an educated individual into advisories because that will need logical reasoning which people will not be able to provide! Thus education will help a person to listen quietly to everything what people say and then only do what suits her best.

Education will help to avoid social embarrassment!

It is no more a secret that societal segments were created based on education rather than economic status. Women were not a part of elite class people as they did not receive basic education and thus had nothing to talk about for mingling with the high society educated persons. One should be aware of, “Importance of female education: Top 10 reasons!”Being at par knowledge is extremely important to mingle in a particular societal setting. For example, you are bound to feel an outcast no matter how much literate you are in a party consisting of only lawyers; if you are not equally educated in law.

So, do you now understand the importance of education in our lives?