Programming is a complex task that involves various activities like analysis, generating algorithms, developing understanding and verifying the requirements of endless algorithms which includes resource consumption, precision and implementation of the algorithm with the targeted program. So, basically that’s a lot of work!

The only problem is- accomplishing every aspect of programming is not that easy. Despite of having flawless academic background and programming skills, there are millions of people who fail to achieve the best of programming. But, where do they go wrong, or why are they unable to tackle the obstacles of programming with their competence.

There is not just one but many reasons behind this problem and they are

1. Smart Person and Programming- Does it work?
It’s good that you are smart. But the point is, are you smart enough for programming. The idea is simple; handling the complications of programming is not for everyone. To be a potent programmer you need to have a goal-driven passion towards it. Every step that you take should lead your path towards a new dimension of programming.
For instance, names like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates would have never been with us, if they did not have that motivation, courage and determination to unfold the real essence of programming.

Therefore, the reason number one is that, it’s not really about how smart you are rather it’s about your perseverance for programming.

2. It Takes Time to Master
Programming is considered to be an art in itself. People are not  prodigies or born with natural instincts to just go ahead and start working with programming languages in one shot, rather even the smartest person on this planet takes time to grasp each and every concept of programming, and thus makes their way step-by-step.

You have to realize that it is a skill that is not that easy to master, patience is the key. There are many times when you will get puzzled with applications, programs, algorithms and logic, thus commit mistakes. It’s a natural scenario, which will only help you in getting better with the tools of programming. This means even though you suck at programming now, but if you understand your mistakes and learn from it then nothing can stop you from becoming an ultimate programmer.

3. Completely Wrong Attitude
It’s seen that smart people tend of blame other components, when something goes wrong. They start raising questions against professors seeking that they are unable to teach them, the IDE, crappy complier and even the Operating System. The point is, if you take yourself to be smart and start complaining about almost everything that surrounds you then end results of your programs are going to be real bad. You need to have holistic approach towards programming and amalgamate it with positive attitude.

4. Trauma of Abstract Concepts
Programmers should always think out of the box. As beginners you are going to come across a myriad of concepts that will be completely new for you and thus mess up your mind, Go slow, and start understanding every concept in a systematic manner, unleash the true meaning of different terms associated with programming and have a clear idea about the basics of programming. The secret recipe here is to look for several examples that are part of the concepts until and unless you perfectly understand it.

After all, if you don’t understand the basics then how are you going to get better with the advanced topics?

5.  Unable to Handle Errors!
Even smart persons do create errors and that affects the entire process of programming, but they start sucking when they are unable to fix it up. With programming you should be careful about your framework of algorithms, plans and designs. Now, when the program does not work then you can just go back and start from scratch to understand what went wrong.

Calm down, relax and start programming only when you are aware of how you can solve your programming errors.

6. Know it All Mindset
Its often seen that smart personalities, especially in the world of programming work with a know it all mindset. However, this mindset becomes a major destruction when they have doubts regarding syntax, language or programming environment. They just never confront it and start continuing their work for days, at last when the project is completed, the results don’t appear to pleasant. This calls for a redo, which means you have to invest all the time, hard work and patience that you had done before. Only if you had just asked or clarified your doubts then this would have saved you not from hours but days of work.

7. Help from Friend
This is amongst the top reasons why smart people suck at programming. With a mission to achieve the best from every project they start taking help from their friends or the so-called master programmers. Though this saves them a few hours, but this little help can really be a huge loss for you. All the time when your friend was there to help you out, you got to learn nothing from it. The work was done; credits were given but what about experience?

The quotient of experience is something that takes people a long way in the programming industry.

8. Afraid of the New
Programming keeps on changing with time and mastering just one part of this skill will never be enough. To become a successful programmer you need to challenge your limits and always work beyond it. A decent 2 years programming degree will only equip you with the basic knowledge of programming but the real technology makes its way at the working environment.

In this environment you should always be happy to work with the new, and understand what it takes to make the most of it.

9. Lack Solutions for Programming
Algorithms are tough. What would you do if you are unable to solve it? This answer will probably decide whether you suck at programming or not!

Solutions are never easy to obtain but that does not mean it is impossible. Every programming problem needs an elegant solution that comes from persistent tries and tons of errors. Even though you suck but you don’t give up and try again then this is undoubtedly a true signs of an unstoppable programmer.

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