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What Are the Things You Should Keep in Mind While Choosing Your Biology Tutor?

By Sarah J Mitchell
17 Sep, 2016
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Biology is a popular favourite among high school students. However it is also a difficult and technical subject that a lot of students love, but need extra guidance with. Most students can improve their performance in Biology with just a little help from a good Biology tutor. The tutor is not intended to replace teachers in class. You still have to go to class and focus on what is being covered during class hours, but you can augment your learning with a little extra help and personal attention from a tutor.
Why do you need a Biology tutor?
Before you and your parents go about looking for a tutor for you, you need to understand the nature of your requirements. This is will help you understand what kind of a tutor you need to seek out.

  • Remedial tutor:

If you are an average student whose grades in Biology have suddenly taken a turn for the worse, then you probably need a remedial tutor to help fill up the gaps in your knowledge. You may have missed some important Biology classes, or misunderstood some key concepts that caused your bad grade.

  • Maintenance:

Sometimes students have trouble coping with transitions. They need help dealing with the increased work load as they progress from one class to the next. You could use a maintenance tutor to help you cope with your new academic responsibilities and the increased workload.

  • Support tutoring:

Some students require support tutoring which combines both remedial and maintenance approaches for the benefit of older students who have difficulty keeping up with their class.

  • Enrichment:

If you are a good student with a special interest in Biology who is looking to take on extra credit assignments or progress faster than the rest of your class, you could use a Biology tutor to enrich your learning experience and challenge yourself.

  • Exam prep:

All students sometimes need extra help with their Biology exams. Whether it is to help with revision, fill in gaps in knowledge, exam stress or time management; exam tutoring can solve all your problems.
Once you understand the kind of help you need, you can focus on looking for a tutor who fits your profile. Apart from a tutor you can also consult these Top 7 tips to do your Biology Homework and get better grades in your exams in order to optimize your time and effort.
What to look for in a Biology tutor:

  1. Qualifications and references:
  • It is always best to hire a tutor with verified academic credentials but your need for a qualified tutor will depend upon the grade you’re in and your parents discretion on the matter.
  • If you are a middle school student who needs a few months of remedial tutoring, you can hire an undergrad studying biology or a Biology grad fresh out of college.
  • While it is great to be able to hire a qualified teacher, you may not always need one. Some schools will help you find a peer tutor or assign you to a senior or a Teacher’s assistant to help tutor you for short periods of time if you need a little extra help.
  • However if you have missed out on a lot of classes and fallen behind your grade or you’re consistently lost in class and unable to understand you Biology lessons then you may need a qualified teacher to take you through the paces and work with you at home.
  • Look out for tutors with teaching certificates or those who have gone through a formal tutor training program.
  • It is safest to hire tutors who can furnish references and letters of recommendation. In fact wherever possible, it is a good idea to hire a tutor who has been personally recommended to you.
  • Besides another highly qualified teacher is always available for you at any time, i.e. online professional help websites, by which you can clear any of your doubt about biology.
  1. Individual attention and affordability:
  • Some students need individual attention while others can work in a group.
  • While public schools often have a skewed teacher student ratio, many schools break up the class into smaller groups for tutorials. These typically have a more favourable teacher student ratio where a student can benefit from more individual attention from their tutor.
  • If you need more personal attention and help, you should hire a private tutor.
  • It is important to remember that tutorials and remedial classes are a lot easier on the pocket than a private tutor. Further the qualifications of your tutor can dictate the amount he or she will charge, so ensure that you only hire somebody you need.
  • Keep in mind that peer tutors, seniors and grad students often have packed schedules. SO ensure that they have enough time to devote to giving you their undivided attention when you hire them.
  1. Personality and communication:
  • This is the most crucial point to consider when selecting a tutor. You need not be friends, but you and your tutor must be able to get along with one another.
  • Don’t try to have a friend tutor you unless you think you can actually learn something from it. Understand when you actually need help and do not be uncooperative and unnecessarily hostile to a tutor your parents have appointed for you.
  • Pick somebody who puts you at ease and makes you feel comfortable. Your tutor should not intimidate you.
  • Communication is crucial. Your tutor must be able to get through to you with ease.
  • Parents should look out for tutors who are intuitive and observant of their students needs. Look for somebody who communicates with you about your child’s progress.

Keep these points in mind and make a well informed choice when choosing your Biology tutor.

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