What are the Basic Factors That Make a Student Dull?

Students do not want to get poor score in their examinations. But, it is also true that every student is not able to acquire the highest score or more than ninety percent score. You may have noticed that some students are intelligent in their initial stage, but gradually become dull. What is the reason behind that? Very frankly saying that more than fifty percent students become dull at the high school level than what they perform in their primary school level.

My experience

I am explaining my experience and more than that my opinion about the students. My kid has suffered and then I noticed other students too. I taught her and provided work to do. She completed and I checked. There was a perfect schedule of the study. She became the topper in her standard and each year she maintained her position. But, after 4-5 years, when she grew up and studied at the high school level, she took her study as a work and her overloaded homework made her depressed. When her subjects increased in this level, after completing class of first 3-4 subjects, she was unable to understand the rest subjects. I knew the fact and tried to share many things with her.

Then I handled some portion and tried her to understand how she required managing everything properly. Gradually she grabbed the way and the facts that were creating problems on her way. Believe me the facts were very much important for her and she clutch the exact way of getting solution in the higher level. After that she became able to grab the proper solution of the problem.

What are the facts that you must know?

Handling a child is not an easy task as that child has the ability to understand this world by her own. But, some facts are very important to know that make a student dull. Let’s go through the factors-

1. Incapable of understanding the fact-

When a child grows he must think about the increasing load of study and manage time according to that. As child grows the load of the load of the study grows, but many students do not follow the fact and overlook and passes their time in some other activities. But, at their examination time, they open their eyes and get confused with many subjects and chapters at a time.

The students must understand their ability and they need to work hard with a great responsibility. Wasting time in unusual work must be controlled by the parents as well as the student himself, if he desires to work hard for their study.

2. Confusion-

Pressure of study is equal in all students at the higher level. But, some students try to understand and maintain their practice and a proper time management to grab the best result. But, some students get confused with lot of tasks and other work. As a result it becomes very difficult for them to take a step with confidence. So, first of all it becomes very important to resolve their confusion. But, the parents or some others must create a good environment that the student can understand his or her responsibility and also the problems of their own.

3. Motivational thoughts –

Yes, you can always say about the motivational events and those kinds of words that enhance the activeness of a student. In this way they can think positively.

4. Incomplete work-

Completing the study work or assignments on time is very much important for them. It is also a prominent fact to know that how to improve the knowledge of writing homework and moreover, the fact that what are the best ways of representing homework. The students must be engaged in their homework and assignments. Suppose, a student is not able to complete his or her assignment, at that situation he must need to take Assignment Help from us. This will give him a nice way of solving the problems.

5. Laziness or sickness-

Study is important, but they must avoid laziness. If your child feels sickness, then laziness will be the resultant. But, a good student needs to be happy and active always. There is no chance of sickness for a responsible student. The children should always be free from sickness. A good student should have energetic attitude.

6. Hangout with friends-

It is good that students have friends, but it is very dangerous for them if the number of friends is many and the student uses phones of social media sites to hangout with them for a long time. This habit must be resolved as the students when grow, they do not understand that how much academic career is important for them.

7. Support of family members-

It is very important for a student to have a good support of the family members when they understand their children. Discouraging can create tension and the resultant would be the annoying nature.

8. Stress free-

A student will understand a concept and will get a good score with confidence when he is stress free. So, don’t create stress much in the mind. This will create much more problem in study.

9. Irregularity-

As the must do factor for a student is the regularity. Thus, if the time management is there with proper schedule of the subjects, and a proper target, then a student can easily complete everything according to his own requirement.

10. Dependable-

Some students are dependent to someone else for their study. It must be resolved and then they must try to improve themselves with their self study. In this way, they can easily get a lot to acquire their best in academic career.

Now, you can easily get that there are many factors which can be focused to overwhelm the dullness of a student. Moreover, it is also important to resolve the problems. Thus, they must take decisions by their own to have a good profit and how to be serious in their study. In their way they can understand their future. They must go through the 10 important factors that decide your career, if they are serious about their study as well as their academic career. The important facts are there to make them profitable.

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