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What are the Approaches to the Price Level Accounting Homework Answers?

by Sep 12, 2017Homework Answers

Approaches to the Price Level Accounting Homework Answers

Price level is termed as the average of the existing prices of all the goods and services in an economy. Price level could be associated with the price of assets traded on the market and price of goods and services with reference to inflation. For traders and investors, price level is associated to purchase and selling of securities.They buy and sell when the price level reaches a certain threshold. For economists, price level is associated with the buying power of money.
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How is price level calculated?
Price level is calculated by the “basket of goods” philosophy, where a bunch of consumer goods and services are aggregately analyzed over a period of time and changes in the price- in the observational time period- is used to measure the price level. The weighted average mode is used for the analysis of Price Levels.This helps is the calculation of how the price levels would appear over time.
Price level helps in providing a snapshot of the prices of the goods and services for a certain period and provide a broad-level picture of the prices over time. The price level indicates the demand of goods and services by inflation (price rise) and deflation (price fall). This indication leads to the calculation or prediction of Gross Domestic Product or GDP, that is higher or lower.The manuals as approaches to the price level accounting homework answers will help you in a great way!
It is the most observed economic indicator because it indicates the prices of goods and services are rising up or falling down. It is alleged that the prices of goods and services should remain stable year after year so that unnecessary inflation (price hike) could be avoided. When the prices levels of goods and services tend to rise, the central banks and governments take actions to control it by managing the aggregate supply of the goods and services.
How to approach price level concepts?
There are four ways to approach a Price Level Accounting problem, mentioned below:

  1. Current Cost Accounting (CCA)
  2. Current Purchasing Power Accounting (CPPA)
  3. Periodic reassessment of fixed assets along with the adoption of LIFO (last in fist out) method of inventory.
  4. Specific and General Price Level Accounting (SGPLA)

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The above-mentioned approaches are complex in their own terms as each has a specific pivotal point of calculation. For instance, the CCPA approach considers the general price index to convert the values of items over a period of time.
It pivots around the change of value in general price level of the goods and services instead of the value of individual item. Similarly, CCA approach focuses only on the monetary aspects instead of the values of the individual changes of the goods and services into consideration.
Advantages of Price-Level Accounting:
The inflation accounting amounts to the below-mentioned advantages.

  1. Through a company’s perspective, it allows to paint a more realistic picture of profitability by gauging its differences between the revenues and the costs incurred.
  2. The investors, employees, and the general public cannot be misguided as manuals as approaches to the price level accounting homework answers provide a realistic profits of an organization.
  3. Price Level Accounting helps the investment market to set up a realistic price for the shares of any organization.

Disadvantages of Price-Level Accounting:
There are certain downfalls, however, to this approach of accounting. A few of them are mentioned below.

  1. It is a vicious circle of events because the process is ongoing involving constant changes in the financial statements.
  2. Though is beneficial to a person with sound knowledge in Finance background, it is a complex statement for a person with little knowledge of Finance.

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