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Want to Improve Your Essay Writing Skills? Improve It with Help from Online Sources

By Michelle Johnson
22 Aug, 2016

Writing skills is very important for every student and even for writer’s who wants to be good writers in future. But these skills cannot be developed so easily and in one stroke activity. It requires long hard work and dedication. One needs to gather experience to become an excellent writer, and this experience can only be acquired through practicing.
The most important factor that one requires before writing is to know the language properly in which he/she wants to write whether it is English, Hindi or any other language. Detailed knowledge about languages is the most important skill that a writer needs to acquire. After knowing the language, you need to know certain tricks that will help inexcelling.
Tips to learn essay writing in English:
Here are few tips that will help you improve your essay writing skills in English. The key to learning English essay writing is to know Grammar accurately.
Grammar is the most important element in constructing your sentence correctly. Once you know how to build a sentence, then no one canstop you from becoming successful in this field.
Simple tips to improve your writing skills:

  • You have to develop a habit of writing at least one essay every day. It can be based on any topic. The primary intention behind this is that the more you write, the more you can improve writing skills.
  • Don’t waste your time in looking for topics you want to write on. You can write on any topic be it from your day to day life. Your main aim should be to better your skills and not the subject you are writing on. You can pick up topics from your surrounding itself or even take help from your books.
  • Avoid writing same old stuff about a particular topic. Try to write on thesametopic from adifferentviewpoint so that you can come up with some unique content. Writing commonstuff will not fetch your marks in school.
  • Always take help from your friend or some tutor while finding mistakes because they might detect those errors that you missed.
  • You can take help from various online sources to improve your skills in grammar. Your first aim as a student is to correct yourself from making grammatical errors.

Online tools to improve your skills as writers
Technology is improving every day and with this, your method of learning grammar or improving your writing skills is also becoming comfortable. There are several online sources available where students can develop the knowledge on English Grammar. There are tools which will guide you on each and every step so that you can move systematically. Given below are collections of various such tools:

  • Correction of grammatical errors:

There are sources which provide you help on correcting your grammatical errors like punctuation mark, articles, preposition, etc. They provide various tools like Use English Punctuation Correctly, Hyper Grammar, Grammar Girl, etc. which will help you improve your grammar skills.

  • Guide to common errors in writing:

There are various online resources available that will provide a proper guide to the mistakes that students mostly face. Few of such guides are Common Error in English, Ask Oxford: Better Writing, etc. You can easily have access to these guides online and detect the error that you are doing while writing an essay.

  • Important points to remember while writing:

There are several journals and articles available online which will provide you theimportant information required to write high-quality content. You can develop a habit of reading these journals so that you face limited errors. Few of these journals are Writer’s Digest, Infoplease: General Writing Skills, Poynter Writing Tools, etc.

  • Practicing for improving grammar:

Along with the above sources, there are also various sites available where you can practice regular grammar and avoid making silly grammatical mistakes in your writing. You can devote one or two hours daily practicing Grammar in these sites.
If you follow these online resources along with the tips given above, then you can develop yourself into an excellent writer. There are online academies available for the students which will help them to score well in essays as well as make you a better writerin the near future.

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