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Value Analysis Assignment Answers

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Value Analysis means the value of a product that has been calculated and how product value will be increased by reducing cost. A pencil will have a value when a lead is present in it and the moment lead is removed pencil loses value.

A pencil without lead will have a value when we see someone travelling with a pencil in his or her pocket that value is secondary. Value Analysis homework answers will cover all details of the value that and student needs.

A premium car should always have a high-quality value analysis, and reason is that people will try spending money on high-quality products only.

Advantages of Value Analysis

Elimination of costs is an added advantage with value analysis. Any cost that will overrun can be replaced, and they can be replaced with superior products. The aim should always be to improve the customer satisfaction and to keep competition in mind.

People will spend large money on products that they like, and they should feel elated when they buy a product. This means that Value Analysis will have a modernizing effect on products and each product will strive to be different from others.

The aim of every car maker is to make an engine that is fuel efficient, and that does not disturb the nature. In the same manner, every company will strive to come out with products that do not harm the nature, and they may be using a product that will be available on the earth in large numbers.

There is a concept of exchange value, and this is known as the resale value. Value Analysis homework answers will cover this aspect in detail. This means that a product should have strong value on the consumer mind for them to command some respect.

A car will be termed as classic when they have reached a particular stage like the Beatles, and this will help the car owner to command a premium at the market.

There are creative ideas that have got strong value analysis because they have been able to meet the existing demands of the market. A mobile company will get more value analysis when they make their gadget more secure.

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