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Meaning of Unrelated Diversification

It is primarily when a company or business adds unrelated, new line of goods or markets. This can be easily explained by an example. It is like, a phone company which decides to go in radio or television business. This approach then can be classified as unrelated diversification as it does not fit directly with the present business.

There are many reasons as to why a company would go into diversification. It may be because of cost efficiency or acquisition which might give cash flow when the season is lull. The decision for such an acquisition is mainly due to profit. It has to be an investment where low risk is involved, but the return potential is high. Unrelated Diversification assignment help explains this with examples.

Advantage of Unrelated Diversification

Buying a company which is unrelated means that an organisation reduces any risk by having anything in just one basket. If one industry or business suffers a hard blow due to competition or economy or any other factors then having an unrelated business will help in getting a stable ground.

Such an investment is made as many businesses have low and high seasonality. If a business can be acquired which has a high when the other business is low then low periods one can offsets. If invested properly then a person can good profit out of it. Gather more materials and knowledge from our Unrelated Diversification homework help where everything is thoroughly discussed.

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