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Tribology Homework Help

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Tribology is a complex confluence of Science and Engineering of interacting surfaces which are in relative motion.This topic involves concepts of analytical and technical nature and thus poses a tremendous pressure for students seeking the correct solution to various assignments concerning this subject. Friction and Wear are a basic concepts of Tribology around which this subject revolves.

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The Principle Aspects of Tribology

This engineering science which has a vast application in a variety of fields from cosmetics to machines is based on three basic principles:

  • Friction

This is basically adhesion and corrosion which occurs due to the interaction of two surfaces. Friction can be categorised into Solid friction, mixed friction and Fluid friction.

  • Lubrication

Methodology of minimizing wear by use of lubricants and thus combatting the ill-effects of corrosion.

  • Wear

The process which actually leads to the loss of material is called wear. Wear can be categorised into three types- Abrasion, Erosion and Corrosion.

These principles are just a superfluous view; there are a whole lot of intricate details and concepts which underly the broader framework. The complexity of the approaches makes assignments and projects on Tribology a tedious task. At this juncture our Tribology Homework Help Service comes as a rescuer to the students who are experiencing homework stress.

Major Laws of Tribology

In order to attain good grades and acclamation in projects relating to Tribology one needs to divulge and assimilate the major laws of Tribology. The basic laws which stand as the pillars of this subject are:

  • The force needed to overcome friction doubles when the weight doubles.
  • The frictional resistance for two different objects with same weight but different width and length of contact is same.
  • Wear can be effectively minimized by bringing about necessary modification in the surface properties of solids by undertaking surface engineering processes.
  • Fundamentals of law of friction which involves the conversion of energy from one form to another.

These laws form the basic backbone of the concept of tribology but if your aim is to achieve a high grade in your assignment in a hassle free manner than availing our Tribology Assignment Help Service is a great idea.

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