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Since the beginning of time and evolution of living and non-living beings, factors like friction which is responsible for effects of wear and tear has been affecting the world and beyond. This is where the concepts of Tribology developed from and ever since has been a fundamental division of academics and research alike. The most common example of Tribology can be described by the bone joint mechanisms in human or vertebrates in general.

Tribology is the Greek word for rubbing and was named so because of its central idea of rubbing surfaces together to release energy via friction. Primarily Tribology consists of 2 main sub-parts which are friction, lubrication, and wear. This topic has major effects on fields of education like chemical and mechanical engineering, material science, and so on. Tribology explains the physical phenomenon which arises from surface-surface interaction and more.

The nurturing of Tribology and people’s inclination towards it began subconsciously right from the Stone Age. Since the historical act of kindling fire from two stones, friction and Tribology have been a constant part of our lives. Being a significant portion of physical science, Tribology comprises of a major portion of the mechanical engineering course. In order to correctly frame Tribology homework answers students must have a brief idea of its origination and how it all began.

Applications of Tribology

The physical significance of phenomena like wear and tear, lubrication, and friction are monumental. The operations and mechanisms of all major mechanical, electromagnetic, electrical, and biophysical systems are strictly based on the 3 factors mentioned above.

Off late, the concepts of Tribology and its importance have elevated to a considerable measure. It has been recorded that the percentage of wastage is visibly higher than the Gross National Product. Evaluations such as these have increased the relevance of Tribology by ten-folds.

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