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There is a device for controlling current called TRIAC which is a three terminal semi -conductor. It means an alternating current and is derived from TR lode. It has developed from thyristor which is able to perform in one direction, whereas TRIAC was built as a bi- directional device.

It is also known as bilateral triode thyristor. In thyristor, a small amount of voltage and current can manage a greater amount of current and voltage. TRIAC on the other hand are related to silicon controlled rectifiers (SCRs) and they are a subdivision of thyristors. If you really want to overview of this interesting topic, then you must once go through TRIAC homework help.

Want to know more about TRIAC and SCRs?

  • The positive and negative currents emerged from the gate would be able to trigger TRIACs whereas only positive currents at gate would be able to trigger SCRs.
  • In order to trigger current for your TRIAC both the positive and negative voltage currents at the gate are required to apply; whereas for SCRs only positive voltages needs to be applied to get the triggering effect from the current.
  • In all these cases, voltage and current are according to the MT1.
  • When the gate signal stops to work, GTO (Gate turn off thyristor’s) behave similarly with TRIAC but they are able to generate much more control when they are turned off.

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