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Top 10 Mind Blowing Discoveries in Physics!

by Nov 1, 2015Physics

Physics might seem a very difficult topic for people. The term invokes awe-inspiring reactions from individuals. Well, the reaction is justified. The inventions by some brilliant scientists and scholars are outstanding and unbelievable. The aim of studying physics is to understand the laws of nature or of universe.

Universe might look complicated but while studying laws that govern it, things turn out to be too complicated than one had imagined it to be! It is true that this world acts in some very weird ways and one might need a high degree in the subject for understanding it. Listed down are 10 most mind bending discoveries in physics which have changed our lives.

1.    The ever restless ‘Quantum Foam’!

Universe has been known to have empty spaces in it. Is it right? Everybody knew that until recently scientists have discovered that empty spaces in universe are not so empty. In fact it has particles which are constantly popping in and out- so fast that their existence do not matter and their presence is long enough to break some ground rules in physics! They exist just for a fraction of seconds to pop out. Scientists have names them ‘quantum foam’ as this phenomenon reminds them of shifting bubbles on a soft drink glass.

2.    The Double Slit Experiment

It is known by quantum physics that light behaves as both a particle and wave. The double slit experiment results in some of the most insane ideas one will ever come across. It is all about passing a beam of light though two slits in-front of a wall. So light can travel though both the slits when it behaves like a wave; but only through one if it behaves like a particle. It is up to us how we perceive it. This is called observer effect!

3.    Every object fall at the same speed!

Ask ten people and 6 of them shall say that a ball shall fall faster than a feather from the same vertical height. They might be forgiven for this misconception because it is like common sense to them, and they have seen balls falling faster than feather; but that is due to resistance in earth’s atmosphere. Gravity is independent of mass and thus both experience equal gravitational pull. Moon would have been the ideal place to prove this point!

4.    Matter is nothing but just Energy!

Matter and energy are opposite sides of a coin, if you have mass convert it to energy by just E = mc^2 and vice versa. It is also known that mass increases when it approaches speed of light. For example nuclear bombs turn so less mass into colossal explosions.

5.    The ever confusing wave-particle duality

How can someone think a solid chunk of matter, electron; is just the same with a wave, say light! Things cannot be more different;yet quantum mechanics has evidences that proves light is a wave and a particle and nothing in between. It might make no sense, but it is the ultimate truth of physics!

6.    Our ever expanding universe!

Heard of Big Bang theory? Aside the TV series, Big Bang theory is also a very important explanation for the origin of Universe. Scientist had expected this explosion to slow down after a certain time, but it has been found out that expansion of universe is getting faster over time. Dark matter is supposed to be the driving force behind the cosmic acceleration!

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7.    The existence of the mysterious Dark Matter!

As a matter of fact, the total mass in this universe is enormously more than total mass scientists have taken in account for calculations. Obviously physicists were forced to come up with an explanation which gave birth to the concept involving dark matter. It is one mysterious substance which emits no light and is responsible for 95% of the mass of universe! Freaking awesome, isn’t it?

8.    The unbelievable Quantum Entanglement!

The loophole in the awe-inspiring branch of physics called Quantum Mechanics is discussed here. Imagine two electrons. By the process of Quantum entanglement these can be paired up in such a way which shall make them identical. If you try and change the spin of one; the identical electron shall reacts in exact same way; no matter where it is present. This may, someday take teleporting out of fiction and drop in real life!

9.    Bending of the path of light!

Next time you gaze at the stars, remember it can be a trick of light!Light deflection is a concept which means the path of any beam of light is not entirely straight. Though light has no mass attached to it, its path is usually affected by things that possess mass. For example if a beam of light from a star passes close enough to Sun, it shall slightly bend around it. Thisimplies that we are not seeing the star where it is actually residing, but at a different spot.

10.    Time stands still at the speed of light!

Theory of Relativity states that speed of light never ever changes and nothing can move faster than light! Time dilation is a cool part of Special relativity which states that the faster you move, the slower time shall pass for you relative to your surroundings! One can gain some extra nanoseconds by a fast ride in a car than sitting idle at home. Thus if one can move at the speed of light, time doesn’t move at all! Now let us be realistic, as nothing can move at the speed of light unless it is made up of light itself!

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