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Top 10 Ideas to Become Active Learners from Slow Learners

by Sep 17, 2016Assignment Help

“The purpose of learning is growth, and our minds, unlike our bodies, can continue growing as long as we live.”
There are some students in schools and colleges who make an active participation in class while others stay passive in regard to extra-curricular and academic studies. Active learning is a form of learning which would engage and also challenge students in their thinking process while adopting real-life and imaginary situations.
Through active learning, it is possible to take complete advantage of such opportunities which is usually presented through:

  • Spontaneous and purposeful play
  • Focused learning and teaching
  • Life experiences

The active learning opportunities can easily be supported through sensitive intervention which can help in extended learning.
Capacities included in active learning
Active learning can surely support learner’s development in different ways. There are different capacities of active learning:

  • Responsible citizens:

Seeing the world from different perspective and finally sharing thoughts and views of visualization. A responsible citizen would definitely be more inclined towards showing respect to others and make active participation in decision making.

  • Successful learners:

By making use of imagination and creativity and finally handling of new experiences polish the skills that includes literacy and numeracy. It helps to develop skills through proper exploring of interest.

  • Effective contributors:

Through proper interaction and participating in supporting roles and handling of problems while respecting the opinions of other will make effective contributors.
10 ideas to become active learners
Firstly, it is important for all of us to think about the process of learning and assuming it to be an individual process which can finally help to take total control of it. We finally decide what we really need to learn and what process to adopt to study them. Here you get the opportunity to look into different alternatives that can develop new learning opportunities and finally become an active participant in learning process.
Once you turn out to be an active learner, there is a high possibility of developing career path and finally emphasizing into personal growth and coming up with new ideas in future.

  1. Get involved into something when you wait

Usually, it is found that average person spends around 45-62 minutes every day waiting. For example, waiting in a long queue in bank or waiting for the food to get ready etc. and this time can easily be utilized. You can draw out the mobile device which can also be converted into learning tools and go through different topics. It is a good way to stay in touch with studies and become active learners.
Podcasts and Webinars are great tools through which you can choose resources and information based on different industries.

  1. Proper use of time while relaxing

According to a report, it is found that American invests more than 4 hours in watching television. Usually, we come back home and sit in front of TV while forgetting every other activities occurring around. Certainly this time can be utilized well and can get engaged into self-fulfilling activities. It is important to think of making proper use of down time and get involved into interesting activities.

  1. Mind exercise is vital

“Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn and you will.”Get indulged into learning process and try new games! You can browse through websites and look for challenges that are specially designed for boosting up your mind. The main objective is to improve your thought process and make you more active while relieving you from monotonous and routine life.

  1. Take help of technology

Books are not bound to libraries in current times. You can find them in different places such as computer and other devices which help you get connected to the world and acquire maximum knowledge. Make use of such tool to access content and different resources that can be helpful and make you active learner.

  1. Ask questions to teachers

Though there is a possibility of getting access to online service, which can finally build up your confidence in studies, but while attending the classroom session you need to play an active role. Approach the teacher with questions that you have in mind and look for appropriate answers. Coming up with queries can make you proactive and impress teachers.

  1. Preview lectures

This can certainly differentiate between an A grade students and an average students. It is advisable to students to stay prepared for upcoming class and this can only be possible when you go through the chapter before lecture get started. It is a definite way of gaining more knowledge more than your peers. Instead of staying glued to your textbook, go online and search for valid information related to topic.

  1. Stay ahead of time

Always try to complete task before time. Try to go through study materials before the lecture get started, finish your homework before the stipulated time etc. This can certainly make you an active learner and you will also be able to be center of attention in your academic life.

  1. Brainstorming is important

What actually differs between active and passive learner is that active learners are always into brainstorming activity. So, teachers can take initiative to brainstorm their mind which can finally make students active learner. You can also learn about the top 8 tips to enhance your IQ level which can surely contribute you in becoming an active student.

  1. Preview new topics

Teachers need to emphasize on making the classroom session interesting that can make every student an active one. Always encourage students to look for new topics in YouTube clips which are an effective means of studying. Students can learn things easily while making it an enjoyable activity.

  1. Go for extra mile

Always take some extra initiative while you study. Do some extra homework and give some more effort to your studies. Spend some time chatting with your professor on related topic to gain deep insight. Try to treat your study professionally and this will finally help you gain success in life.
“Life is a learning experience, only if you learn.”
Taking initiative and finally learning a new language and going through new and unknown words in dictionary can help to build up confidence which can allow you in becoming an active learner.