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There is A New Writing Style – Are You Aware of That?

by Nov 22, 2017Writing

Examples of Hooks for Essays

Ask yourself, that in spite of putting so much hard work onto an essay, why do they not reflect in the grades. Students burn the midnight oil to complete the assignments and submissions. In turn to the hard work, it results to lower ranks and a BIG disappointment.
Withal, why not make your writing interesting enough to stay glued to the essay. In this blog, readers especially students will understand the essence of using examples of hooks for essays. This will not only help in a better style of writing but also improve the grades.
The mystery behind using examples of hooks
There are of thousands of essays and assignments that a professor has to go throughout the year. It is rare that an essay is given the deserving time and marks owing to the uninteresting level of writing skills.
The first two sentences should be able to keep the person linger on to reading. The introduction must create an impact to give justice to the hard work. The urge to know more must crawl in.

Examples of hooks for essays

It is time-consuming, but the hard work is worth the deal.
Depending upon the kind of assignment, you have to choose the type of hooks which lead to attention grabbers.
Mark Twain once said, “Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please.”
This is going to be the turning point of the writing. Start the paragraph with a fact, a thought-provoking event which is bound to open the eyes. For instance,
‘Pig hearts have been used in human heart transplants’ this imagines the relationship status of a human being and a pig.
Under this head, the lector has already made a visualization of the script. A kind remark is just around the corner.
Usage of quotes is fancy.
It not only changes the writing style but also impresses the reader. However, the usage can be the pun intended or life- driven. An exemplary such as “Never laugh at live dragons.”By J.R.R. Tolkien Catches The Bird’s Eye.  The writing skill is prolific and demands great atrocity.
To be or not to be!
Sometimes the question-answer session excites a reader. The urge to know more and learn more begins. The paper doesn’t remain black and white anymore. It deals with the immense amount of respect and patience thereof.  Therefore the essay’s opening line could be
‘Should Maria have listened to her instincts?’ or “If Saturn wasn’t built of gases, could then it be an option after Mars?’
Think about it.Such lines ought to create an impact in the reader’s mind.
Use qualifier- bushy mountains, ice-cold weather, these are the few of my favorite things!
Trying to use descriptive kind of words often work the best. An essay is best judged with the flow of the language, grammar usage, and vocabulary built in and of course how interesting the story-telling is.
Let’s see a hypothetical essay for ‘Greens and meadows.’ Pupil often lands up with the one-liner for opening paragraphs or some dull adjectives, to begin with. There are two options to open the article-
‘Living in the meadows is being one with nature…….’
‘Over the green carpet of the meadows, the snowy Arabic mares seem to take their stance. A beauty it is, but for how long!’
Watch the impression it has done already in the mind of the person reading. You are reading it too, doesn’t it makes sense? Which one would you have preferred to read? So yes, there is your answer. The idea is to make the person create a scene reading it. Once that is accomplished, half the battle is won.
Life is not the bed of roses!
Yes! Studies and especially writing an essay is not comfortable at all. The usage of hooks for essays is a must to get closer to the target marks. The problem has just begun.
Though it may sound a la land of using examples of hooks for essays and you are sorted, the difficulty level has just risen. It needs a daily routine to either read or write and coach you to get the right phrasing done. A continuous self-evaluation is required. Reading and listening to good profound English is imperative.
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