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What is The Prisoner’s Dilemma?
Prisoner’s Dilemma is one of the acknowledged examples of game theory while analyzing the game.  It connects the two different rational entities who might not collaborate though this is in their greatest interest to do the same. This has been intellectually described by taking two prisoners of the same gang and formalized in the prison sentence.

In this theory, the two members of the same gang are not allowed to communicate with each other and the prosecutors are unable to convict anyone on their principle charge. But, they give a chance to each prisoner and each one can easily report to make some requisite decision. If we consider two prisoners as X and Y, then conditions would be– If X betrays Y and Y betrays X, then the chances of imprisonment will be 2 years for each. If X betrays Y, but there is not any action of Y, then X will be free and Y will have to be imprisoned for three years and vice versa. If both cooperate and remains silent, only one year will be their imprisonment.

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