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Students often face problems while dealing with Modified Distribution Method assignments, and look for homework help online. It is true that the topic is not easy and requires intricate study with focus on every minute detail. A small careless mistake can hamper the entire calculations. In this condition, students need to be very careful with the assignments. Since they are often unable to manage the time required for this, offers to provide students with the modified distribution (MODI) method or UV method Assignment Help.

For practical implementation of the method, it is imperative that one knows the basic steps, which we are about to discuss.

What are the main steps of the Modified Distribution Method?
The Modified Distribution Method or MODI Method is an improvement over the Stepping stone method to calculate the optimal transportation cost.

Once an initial feasible solution has been calculated, the steps would involve:

  •     Determining value of dual variables u_i and v_j using the equation u_i+ v_j= c_ij.
  •     Finding out the opportunity cost using equation c_ij – (u_i+ v_j).

If opportunity cost of all unoccupied cells are zero or greater than zero, then the optimal solution has been reached. Or else if opportunity cost is negative for one or more unoccupied cell, the solution is not optimal, transportation cost can be reduced further.
Then, an unoccupied cell with minimum negative opportunity cost needs to be selected and a closed path needs to be drawn for it. Right turn of this path is allowed only at the very beginning and thereafter at occupied cells only.

Beginning with a plus sign, alternative plus and minus signs need to be assigned at the unoccupied cells in corner point of this closed path.
Maximum number of units to be shipped to this unoccupied cell is to be determined. Number of units which could possibly be shipped to the entering cell is pointed by the minimum value with a negative position in this closed path. This quantity is then to be added to all cells marked with plus sign, and subtracted from all cells marked with minus sign. This way, an unoccupied cell would become an occupied one. The whole process is to be repeated until an optimal solution is obtained.

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