International Dimension

Objectives that are related to this chapter

  1. Elucidated explanation of international human resource management
  2. Cultural differences analysis in management
  3. International coordination and communication for evaluation aspects

Local action and global thinking are the 2generalisedaspects that are considered as principles of international management. This in totality explains the requirement of international management activity. It is apropos for HRM, and its explanation is attained from international management.

The International DimensionWhen considering about international business, global thinking is more focused on doing business in multiple countries than sticking with one.This planning of strategic level is effectively coordinated as per activities. There are a number of issues that HR managers have to consider. Some of them are like:

  1. Method of communication in situations like –
  • Different languages
  • National norms variation
  • Diverse managerial suppositions
  • Different time zones
  • Long distances
  1. Effective accommodation related to cultural differences

They also have to see various aspects of pension provision, social security provisions, education systems,training methods,and differential legislations. A person selected for the post of HRM requires having a deeper understanding of complicated organisational issues.

Information on local action is given by global thinking, then again its operation takes place individually. Here the decision is locality based with reference to employment aspects. Categories based on which people are dealt and hired by HR management are basically on the grounds of physical conditions, demographic, cultural, and legal.

A clear example is in the form of debug technician working in Seoul, who has the same work profile as that of any other debug technician working in Iowa. The differential aspects will be regarding rule, regulations and state of affairs of both companies.

So from these details it can be assumed how huge this topic can be. Here we will be dealing with local actions and global thinking that is essential for international HRM.


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