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History helps us to learn any subject from its root and the path of its development through several evolutionary changes. Today’s Accountancy is combination of several subjects hence, quite complicated than older one. However, we should remember that Rome was not built in a day. Modern accountancy also appears through lots evolutionary changes for ages. For exploring this disciplined process of accountancy you must keep in touch with an effective The History and Evolution of Accounting Thoughts homework help.

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In the ancient time it was not required to practice accounting theory from the very begging. It took place when exchange of goods becomes necessary. At that time, the ancient accountancy was quite simple. With the necessity of life and development of human society, accountancy becomes complicated gradually.  This development is segmented chronological according to the ages as human civilization progresses. To learn details in chronological order you must approach our The History and Evolution of Accounting Thoughts assignment help team.

Classification as per age

The gradual developments of accounts through lots of evolutionary changes in different ages are classified as four distinct period’s  like-

  • Emergent period
  • Preanalytic period
  • Development and analytic period
  • Modern period


These periods are also divided in several stages as Emergent period tells us aboutinitial  time period of  civilization and it is  divided into four stages like

  • Stone age

At this age requirements of people were very less. Nature and natural things like animals, bird, trees, fruits leaves etc. were only assets for them. They earned their lively hood from nature and use to keep their record on the tree or on the wall of their cave by tick marks. That was ancient accounts.

  • Primitive age

This stage refers that time period when people started to socialize and were keeping their accounts record by tick mark or making knots on a rope.

  • Barter stage

Barter system was introduced in this period and from here a systematic accounts procedure begun to start.

  • Currency stage

From this period feudalism appeared and supervisory accounts procedure was arise in the society

These are in nutshell; all these above mentioned basic time periods are classified in several stages as per the changes and development of human life as well as society. In detail learning you have to contact our The History and Evolution of Accounting Thoughts homework help on

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