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Explaining Edgeworth box diagram

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With the help of Edgeworth box diagram, different resource distributions are expressed. When you see this box diagram, its vertical side depicts total output at fixed level. This is mainly for an item denoted a 2. At the box’s horizontal side, total fixed output of item 1 is highlighted. This depiction explains exchange quantities between 2 individual goods.

Why is this box diagram used?

One of the main reasons for using this box diagram is competitive equilibrium representation. It is for general equilibrium theory for which Edgeworth box diagram is highly useful. It helps in explaining the range of results or outcome that happens because of economic efficiency satisfaction.

Again, this box diagram is efficacious in highlighting the situation in case of bilateral monopoly. Its main idea is to represent difficulty level to reach an efficacious outcome.

What is the importance of Octavio’s origin in this topic?

Every good has a certain point, which you can see in Edgeworth box. The point of every good that is expressed by a zero is called Octavio’s origin. It is important because its indifference curves help in the explanation of its convex structure. Also, it highlights a fact regarding Abby’s where the curve from origin is convex.

We have not only explained the importance of Octavio’s origin in the Edgeworth box diagram homework help manual but have also stated about Pareto set. The latter is an important section of Edgeworth box diagram.

Consumer’s preference explained via this box diagram

There are mainly 2 assumptions on whose basis preference of consumers is dependent.

  • Monotonic and convex are the 2 criteria on which every preference is dependent
  • Utility is achieved at its maximum level by individuals
  • Production can only take place when required level of consumption takes place

Economists with the help of Edgeworth box diagram can assess about distributions which we have highlighted in the Edgeworth box diagram assignment help manual.

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