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Tax Accounting and Related Tax Issues: Complete Assignment Help

Tax accounting: definition:

Tax accounting comprise of accounting methods which are used to determine the tax that is to be paid by an individual or by a business organization to the government. Instead of public financing, the accounting here is concerned with the payment of taxes. There is an β€œInternal Revenue Code” which sets down particular rules and regulations and they are to be followed by all organizations or individual persons while they are tax accounting. The rules, methods and principles of tax accounting are not the same as the ones used in general accounting.

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Tax accounting for business firms:

The tax accounting rules and regulations are of course not the same for an individual and a business enterprise. In case of business, a lot more information and records are to be taken into consideration and analyzed. The earnings are of course to be calculated and this principle is same for individuals, but the difference is that in case of a business entity, the outgoing funds towards certain obligations of the company are also to be tracked and they are to be excused from the earned amount. The funds which are directed towards shareholders have a different treatment. Because of the numerous complexities involved, most of the giant business firms hire tax accountants to take care of the job.

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Tax exemptions:

There are organizations which enjoy tax exemption and the tax accounting formulae in their case is something completely different. However, even though they need not pay the taxes, tax accounting is important. Every organization has to file reports about their annual returns and must mention all grants and donations which they receive. They are also needed to file details about their operation, and this is to make sure that the organizations are functioning in accordance to the laws laid down for tax-exempt organizations.

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