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During cash transactions all the necessary transactions are recorded in the cash book. In the venture a classification is made so as to ease the tedious job. It has often occurred that students get confused and are not able to distinguish between the two. Understanding this fact our team of expert professionals have come up with first rate Subsidiary Books of journal Homework Help.

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With the march of business it is quite evident that it is hardly possible to jot down every transaction in a journal or a leger. That is where subsidiary book of sub division journal comes in the picture. With Sub-division of journal Assignment Help of you can clarify your doubts about the topic.

A pen picture subsidiary books/sub division journal

A subsidiary book comprises of cash and non-cash transactions. Under the head of the non-cash transaction, we can enumerate the following. Here we can refer to these as book or journal.

  • Purchase journal: Has a note of all purchase credits.
  • Sales book: Contains all the sales credits.
  • Return outward book: Used to record all the goods returned by supplier.
  • Sales inward book: Used to record all the goods returned customer.

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Use of subsidiary books/sub-division journal

Using Sub-division of journal Homework Help one would get to understand the basics of using subsidiary book. The advantages of sub division journal have been enlisted below:

  • Proper recording is ensured. One can also build up a hierarchy of records by simply dealing with cash and non-cash transactions, which can further be categorised into purchase sales and returns.
  • Brings about a convenient method of posting. This in turn shall ease the task of subsequent account managing.
  • It is based on the principle of divide and conquer, which means to divide the work into multiple sub problems, and then taking up each to solve. This is efficiently discussed in Sub-division of journal Assignment Help provided by us.
  • The practise of maintaining subsidiary books and journal provides the availability of detailed information any time and also facilitates in taking quick decision. is always there as your backbone

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