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Study Hacks to Help You Get Through With Your Econ Homework

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By Michelle Johnson
22 Aug, 2016
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Economics is another subject where students face a lot of difficulties. And it is not their fault either because it is a subject that requiresa great deal of understanding. With a vast portion of syllabus to cover and limited amount of time available in class, teachers are also unable to cover each topic in detail.
Problems faced by Students

  1. Most topicsare skimmedover, and it fall on the student to study it in detail. This means doing homework becomes even more difficult. That is because:
  • You shall have to first get a grasp of what the topic is all about.
  • And it is only then can you begin doing the homework.
  1. There is a section of economics that require use of several mathematical tools such as differential and integral calculus, differential equations, matrix algebra, mathematical programming and other computational methods. Hence, those with a poor background in mathematics will find themselves terrified.
  2. Lastly, it is the vast syllabus and limited time for submission of your homework. It can either be in a form of an essay or analysis of graphs etc.

The best study methods to help you do your economics homework
If you want to get over with your econ homework fast, you will have to work for it. That includes preparing before and after the lecture.
Prepare in Advance:
Most teachers give out handouts on what topics are to be covered on which date and so on. It will be beneficial if youfamiliarize yourself with the topic before the class.

  • Always read the introduction and conclusion to get a gist of what the topic is all about.
  • Note down new vocabulary, terms and highlight the topic you have difficulty in understanding.

Now when the same topicis discussed on the next day in class, you will have a better understanding of the topic. If you still have doubts,it can be covered in or after the class. The main idea is to lessen the study time involved so that you can begin to do the homework right away after school.
Take Extensive Notes:
Once you are prepared for the class, take in detailed notes on what the teachers are discussing. Sometimes, teachers give in handy tips in between the lecture that helps you understand the topic better. You can also use your phone or laptop to record the lecture. This will be beneficial when you sit down for your homework, and also for your final tests.
Start as soon as possible:
It is always advisable to begin doing your homework as soon as you come home from school. That is because the matter is still fresh inside your brain and so it will mean quick completion of homework. Sitting early also means you can call in your friend to help you with the homework or call in an emergency group study meeting.
Group Study:
It helps a lot to study in groups especially if the amount of homework given out is more or if the topic requires you to use math tools. If you have homework comprising of six topics, all you have to do is divide the topic among your group of friends. Each friend studies the topic assigned and then taught the rest of the group.

  • As you are a tutor, then your knowledge on the topicswill get better.
  • Listening is also great way to grasp much better than just reading alone.
  • Also, studying alone can be monotonous and distracting. Sitting together will also ensure that homework is done in time.

Economic websites:
There are plenty of websites available online that covers almost all topics in your syllabus.

  • They provide detailed information, and you can surely find useful articles that will help you with your homework. However, do not engage in plagiarism.
  • The main important thing is that they explain each topic in simple languages easy for thestudent of any caliber to understand.
  • In case of any doubt, the student can also engage in Q & A sessions with the leading experts available on the forum.

Hiring Custom writing companies:
If your load of homework doesn’t give you enough time to complete a writing assignment, then consider hiring a professional. They can either help you with the problematic area of your homework, or they can even write it for you from scratch. However, choose accordingly based on your budget and also specify you needs beforehand.
Problem Solving Tools:
If you have a poor foundation in mathematics; or your group study members are finding difficulty in solving a problem then you can make use of some online applications that will help solve problem for you and your friends. In addition to this, they also provide detailed solution and explanations that help you understand how to work similar problems.
However, it is advisable to study the basic mathematical tools as you will have to rely on your own during the final exams.

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