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Strategic Games with or Without Replacement- the Area Causing Trouble to Economics Students Decoded

For economics students at university level, studying various topics related to statistical decision making and game theory has always posed difficulties. The high level knowledge and reading required to grasp the lessons makes it tough for students.

What is strategic game theory?

Stated in simple terms, game theory is study of mathematical model of decision making. It studies how the decisions taken by one person can affect him and others. It studies the behavioural patterns of logical decision makers. The reason why many students struggle with strategic games with or without replacement homework help is that they are unsure of the meaning and implications of these terms.

Significance in economics

Students sometimes wonder, why is game theory a part of economics? The answer is that it helps in finding out the possible outcomes in many economic scenarios. For example, while studying market conditions of monopoly or duopoly, the pricing decisions of one firm is sure to have an impact on the other firm. A study of game theory helps in analysing this. For this reason, it is important that economics students master strategic games with or without replacement assignment help.

Symmetric and asymmetric games

Games in game theory are of different kinds. A symmetric game is one in which the payoff or the possible outcome of a strategy adopted by a player depends only on strategies, not on player. This means that replacing the identity of players will not have any impact on payoffs of game. In an asymmetric game, replacement of players is not possible as it can influence the results of games. If students understand these basic concepts, getting strategic games with or without replacement homework help will be easy for them.

Why students stumble in game theory studies

Most students would love to keep away from this topic, given a chance. There are many reasons why it is dreaded.

  • Analytical thinking is the crux of games study. Students are required to think logically as to what each player’s strategy will be and act accordingly. Being weak in logical and analytical thinking acts as a stumbling block.
  • Lots of statistical and mathematical calculations are involved in these lessons. Those who have the innate fear of maths shy away from this also.
  • Solving assignments related to this topic can be nerve wrecking if a student is not having sufficient theoretical backing. Without theory, practical problems become tough to handle.

When students become helpless, they resort to homework sites like for getting strategic games with or without replacement assignment help.

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