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Statistics Is the New Best Career Option: Know How

by Oct 29, 2016Statistics

Can you imagine anything more worthwhile than doing what you love? The answer to this question is No, right? Then why not choose a career option where you get paid for what you do? Finding the best career option is a hurdle which every student in the history of education has gone through.
You need to ‘‘choose a career not with great vacation time, but one that doesn’t need escaping from.’’ The difference between a successful and an unsuccessful person is not about their abilities but the courage to choose the best career option.
Are you in the dilemma of choosing the career ideal for you? Looking for options in the field of statistics? Well, you will be glad to know that you have landed exactly at the right page in search of your answer.
With more number of students choosing new career paths these days, statistics has now emerged to be the best career option worldwide. Students who hold good command in mathematics can easily opt for this career. It is one of those professions where you are not only assured to have a great paycheck but maintain your passion too.
In this post, we are going to explain what makes statistics the new best career option for anyone and everyone.
Overview of a Statistician’s career
‘‘The best thing about being a statistician is that you get to play in everyone’s backyard.’’
Statistics is the science where you need to make use of data to take decisions. One needs to put mathematics to scientific use in the form of data analysis, comparison and presentation. Statisticians make use of this knowledge to collect and design,analyze, interpret data and report conclusions which are related to various fields. Unlike most of the other professions, statistical data is used in numerous fields like medicine, sports, biology, economics, public health, marketing, etc.
Statisticians make use of sampling techniques by surveying in portions of large groups to assess sizes of respective population and demographics. Through this, they find out the size of group samples. Once they get the result, these statisticians summarizethe data to analyze and interpret its resultant data.
There are different job titles existing for different statistical specializations. Statisticians enjoy vast employment opportunities. While government organizations hire for evaluating population and demographics and economic measurements, there are agencies who hire who work for similar work in their specific fields. Statisticians involved in health industry work as biostatisticians and epidemiologists.
Why should you study statistics?
Gone are the days when you had to opt for boring, tiring jobs. By choosing statistics as your career option, you can ensure yourself to have the coolest job you can ever imagine. Well, don’t go by our words only. Check out yourself the amazing things that make this career different than others-

  1. Making a difference

It’s good to have a job that fulfills all your needs, but about the needs of nature?
Well, with statistics as your career you can contribute to the needs of society in many ways. You can serve by-

  • Protecting endangered species
  • Making effective medicines
  • Controlling the effects of climate change
  • Reducing problems like hunger, poverty and fatal diseases

There are numerous ways in which a statistician can help the world to be a better place.

  1. It’s fun

As said earlier, statisticians are ensured to enjoy their job as a career in this field can prove to be fun in many ways. If you are a sports fanatic, you can help professional teams of any sport you want while choosing the best player of the team. People having aninterest in politics can join the data science team of any political campaign.

  1. Luring pay package

With the increasing demand, it’s quite natural that the salary package of statisticians is increasing day by day. Along with fun, you are bound to enjoy handsome salaries every month. As compared to other jobs, even statisticians having less experience are said to draw attractive pay packages.

  1. Satisfaction

No matter how good your designation is as a statistician, at the end of the day, it is the satisfaction which counts. It is one of those jobs which are both enjoyable and fulfilling. Along with low-stress level, you are assured to have a good work-life balance too!
Rising popularity of Statistics as the best career option nowadays
You may wonder what makes statistics the best career option in present times. Well, here comes the answer-

  • Work in any sector, anywhere

The job offers great diversification. No matter what you want to name, from public healthy to agriculture to economics, statistics is prevalent everywhere. Even if you consider choosing only one field, you are bound to have variety in it.
With statistics as your career option, you are not limited to a geographical location too. Whether you want to work in a high-tech company in the U.S or a pharmaceutical company in Europe, or a non-profit organization in Africa, or a consultancy firm in Asia, you are open to huge possibilities in any corner of the world.

  • Challenging

Statisticians get to work in a challenging way. It is due to this that they are popularly known as ‘‘data detectives and gate-keepers of scientific method.’’ By using various techniques one needs to find data to define the real problem and find measures to solve it.

  • Opportunity

Since the subject I related to everything and anything, statisticians have the opportunity to interact and meet various interesting people with different backgrounds from all over the world.
Necessary education to become a statistician
With the diversification involved in this field, one can hail from any background. Generally, statisticians have educational backgrounds either in statistics or applied mathematics or a field related to this.
There are many experts who have computer science background too. However, the required educational degree varies from individual to individual as well as from sector to sector.
For example, there are data scientists who possess bachelor’s degree along with masters in statistics and mathematics. These people can work in software companies, urban planning, etc.People involved with academic positions and research work generally hold a Ph.D degree in statistics.
The bottom line is that no matter what education you have, you can easily tailor yourself to a unique path in statistics. Get yourself enrolled and openedup to full potentiality required in your favorite statistics career!
It is true that a statistical career is not easy for all. But the one with right capabilities and determination can surely aim for success in his career. It is up to you and your parents what you are going to choose as your option.