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About Stackelberg Duopoly
This Stackelberg Duopoly Assignment Help team of ours has explained in brief the concept of this topic to make you get familiar with what you are dealing with. They said that Stackelberg Duopoly can also be termed as Stackelberg competition and it happens to be a model. This model is of imperfect competition to be exact and is based on non cooperative game. The person who is responsible for developing this model was Heinrich Stackelberg.

With this model the breaking point when it comes to the study of market structure is represented. But mainly it helps in the analysis of duopolies and hence happens to be a very important subject for those students who are involved with the studies of oligopoly.
Some characteristics of Stackelberg Duopoly are as follows:

  • It is a sequential game.
  • The quantity sold by the follower will not be greater than the quantity sold by the leader.

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