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The risk is often defined as a Noun in Finance, a term which can either bring in positive or negative results, and Finance students often seek sources of risk homework help.The risk taken equates with the investment made, and return is the net yield. If the difference between the risk amount and output is positive, that means the risk has a positive impact. If the difference between investment and output is negative, that means the risk failed.

For example, a shopkeeper invests $100 in buying a new cosmetic.

He manages to sell the product for $120, and then the profit is $20. If he is unable to convince any buyer, and the product remains unsold, then the amount of $100 is his net loss.

Sources of risk

Why would anyone take a risk in the volatile world of business and stocks? The answer is simple. Risk yields return. If an organization wants to expand its profit and consumer base, then it has to invest somewhere. This investment is a risk, a gamble as the new venture can either attract customers or can even ward off the existing ones.

Identifying the sources of risk

How does any organization identify the risk factor in any project and, who is responsible for identifying risk?

Identification of risk factor involves a lot of brainstorming. It is usually carried out by the Finance team, along with the people who have the authority to accept or reject the process of investing in any project. In most of the cases, it is the Board of Directors who can make major decisions.

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The sources of risk in any project can be:

  1. Scope of Work
  2. Breakdown of the process structure and operational expenses
  3. Budget assigned versus budget needed
  4. Duration

The assistance to look for

A source of risk homework help is required as students often fail to get a grip on these concepts.Availing help online does not mean that you are a weak student. It means that the subject needs a broader clarity in terms of understanding.

Sources of risk need to be studied in an extremely objective manner. A lot of times, companies focus heavily on the emotional and social factors before investing in a project.Industry Experts suggest that the more subjective the analysis is, the riskier the source will be. Any project which has tangible sources of risk has the potential to give better returns.

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